Monday, December 8, 2008


weekend has just pass and im blogging bout it... don worry not gonna blog bout boring stuff but something fun =)... yesterday was a wonderful sunday... y did i said so???? here it is =)

woke up super early and fetch justin to church... my driving skills have imporved way better den i thought... im speeding like a bullet train... lol not so fast la...maximum 100??? we were late lol... after that makan lunch at this chicken rice shop oppsite and i love my sesame drumstick chicken rice... i don care is worth rm5 just to eat one but is super nice =)... we hang in the shop for quite some time and we were all talking bout our special talents... the honour all goes to arvin wei... hahahhaha u should have see his spe cial talent... it was FREAKY!!!!

we went to the roadside truck for cendol... YUMMY!!!! it is cheap and all den only with our satisfied tummy i fetch justin back... speeding again cuz he was sleepy and me too... went back home and sleep but soon i was being awaken by my neice and nephew... they were GILER FIGHTING in the living room.. i went out and shouted and scold them but they think i was playing... jezzzzzzzz kids...

at nite was the nite as yee cheong has planned a surprise b day for ashley... hahahha i was in his house 1st to help him out... after all was ready with the rest,,, we headed to the mamak near ashleys place to gather... lol we were some stalker like that le... =)

our planned was ruined when the dogs barked.... doomed!!!! anyway she was happy and touch but we cannot celebrate for her in her house because of her dogs... so we ended up goin to the mamak... hahhahaha here are the pics =)

andrew is super vain here... caught in action!!!!

the cake... hahahha written on it... harpi berthday ashie =)... yee cheong's world of spelling and getting great grades for it....

hahahha cut cut and makan makan... lol it is already 12 something wei and i ate cheese cake.... more pics

man the world has change as yee cheong and justin are practicing gayness.... hahahha it was jus acting... but it was super funny....

anyway we had an awesome time... was in mamak it we even gave some cakes to them... hahhaha i think one of the mamak fellow was being drunk by cake eventhough the cake does not contain any alcohol...

for 2 day i woke up super early and shower my dog... oh well doggie is sick for the past few days and i cantv bathe her till she is well... now she is and is bathe time for her... after all i rest and is my turn to get ready... as i promise benjamin mcd... yes went all teh way to gunung rapat and fetch him to the drivethrough near his place... lol

after eating as it was still early oh well u guys notice behind mcd there cc IMAX??? yes we headed there... it was my freaking 1st time in cc and guess wat... i heard my guy frens saying that goin cc is expensive.. but the IMAX i went is only rm1 per hour... how cheap is that... =) so guys who wanna go cc go there la is cheap... lol

benjamin playing COD but soon me and him was playing counter strike.... lol judee knows how 2 play counter strike wei!!!!!! and im addicted to it hahahahha oh well i die lots of time cuz i was not being alert...

see my addictedness... hahahhah i love the game and im so goin cc 2 play somemore with frens that play...

oh well i know y some ppl don really like goin cc is because of all the vulgar words u can hear in there... it is like flowing around but u think i are i was into my game... hehehhe

i manage to kill my enermy with victory!!!! blekz =P

hahahhah thanks benjamin for teaching me how 2 play...ooooo did i mention he went to cc and stole games using my pendrive... lol yup so now my pendrive contains all the games... i mean it cool games and who one can ask me =)



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