Wednesday, December 10, 2008


yesterday me and my college mates went to gunung lang for our yearly club charity event.... we took kids from precious gift home and i can tell u that they were super excited bout the outing that we planned... hahahha suppose to go college at 9.30 am.... man my time management is super bad that i reach there at 9.45am... smart rite???? anyway i was not the one late one... me and fiona deal to be in college by 9.30 am she was equally late too.. hahahha only dixon and nick was there waiting =)... foods for the picnic there fried chic ken, egg sambal and fried bihun...

we started our journey like 10+ and those who were driving was me, rooney, miss and cecilia... man u should see the way miss and cecilia drove... they just cut here and there and i have to catch up with them if not i will be super lost =S
once reach there it was quite early and so pics of the scenery from my view la... hahahha and the fishes there are super fat like pigs....

ok ok when there is camera in judee's hand she will go hyper and starts to take pics.. like wat fiona said im juz like the bread which cannot be saperated by its spread =) anyway due to the time and the boat ride to the island *is it called an island or wat???* we could not go across cuz is was lunch time for them so we ended up picnicing at the shaddy area till the boat ride time opens again.... pics shall tell it all

ok while eating rooney as we known him for kam yue lo *gold fish man* for yesterday was kinda buaya ing the kids... by telling nonsense stories to them... but they actually listens with amazed.. anyway something funny happen but i shall not write it in here =) it gave me a shocked... anyway i drop my comb into the drain =S.... ok after meal we headed back to the jetty place and waited for the counter to buy the boat ride tickets across the lake... man it was really long we actually waited for 1 hour plus... so ended up camwhoring the whole bunch of us =) for fun!!!!!!!!

mine and nick's shoe... hehehe btw i still think taht we should take more pics... so here it goes again =) we even did from shortest to the tallest... yeah yeah yeah i know im super short!!!!! im trying to grow here ppl =(

the time is still early so we kinda did some sign language for fun... lol learning from A-Z with our hands is not hard.... hahahha sometimes u don get it wat a person is trying to tell u.... and u guys will not wanna know wat they juz put in front of my face....

finally a long time waiting .... we get to seat our boat ride.... it was kinda errr nothing special....

upon reaching the island... hahah we were some bunch of crazy monkey taking pics everywhere jumping on bridges and all... really MONKEY!!!!! i tell u =)

we saw this huge tower and decided to go up... hahahhaha on the way up we still take more crazy pics... oh yeah the view is splended awesome =)

after all this we went down and become more wild.... hahahha wild like really becoming one monkey!!!!!!!!!!!!!! look at bih tong and me.... we become some kiddy playing at the playground for fun =)

ok i LOVE my college mates so much taht i cannot describe more... they are like a family to me ady =)

this is nick my honey hahahha cuz he was the one who pretended to be my bf to get rid of the stalker who has been calling me and disturbing me =)

this is dixon... he calls me .... lou while i call him dixon jie... hahahha cannot tell wat he calls me... =P

that was the end of gunung lang trip =) hahahha 26 kids went and 26 kids were safely back to the mainland... anyway my day has not end... i went back and sleep but couldnt cuz niece and nephew are seriously killing me... anyway i manage to sleep for 2 hours and soon yee cheong called me whetehr i wanna go out yum cha... OF COURSE!!!!! get ready and yee cheong came...
went to chang jiang for yum cha and we finish like 1 30 am.... cool rite =) but i cannot sleep so i ended up doin my stuff like uploads pics of the day and also watch cinderella 3.... ahhhhhhh i make a wrong move which leads to me sleeping at 5 30 am.... now im having lacked of sleep and i shall go sleep =)


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