Thursday, December 4, 2008


hi ppl!!!!!! im back oh yeah im back.... it has been a while for not writting in here... oh well i have juz finish finals today =) wat should i say.... MERDEKA!!!!!!! MERDEKA!!!!!!! hehehehe =)

lame me.. yes being lame back again.. anyway after papers today i kinda felt weird but nvm cuz usually i will come out early for any papers... this time i kinda stayed in till 15 minutes b4 the time ends.. wow i wrote alot there wei... hmmm brain was working hardly... anyway stop talking bout exams ady...

oh yeah juz came back from yum cha session from persanjung... laugh till non stop and now yee cheong is bawang boy while ashley is garlic gal... lol looking forward to go back spore and also the outings and charity all... hahaha it is a b usy december for me...

CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!!!! more pressies =) hahahah i got good news... daddy is getting me a new phone while m um is getting me a lappy =) and that is only for christmas pressie.... my birthday i shall see wat i want =)

anyway that all folks... will be updating more soon... hahahha byez!!!!!!!!!

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