Tuesday, December 30, 2008


heloooooo peeps!!!! im back from my shopping paradise and ho ho ho im very happy bout it besides being a maid to my bro *stares*... anyway here are the pics....

on christmas day....

me and sue =)

us promoting chanel.... *failed badly*

a shot of orchard with lots and lots of ppl b4 the parade which we did not stayed back to watch.... i got bored cuz is the same every year =)

following day...

i was out with siew ee remember my bus mate =) here are the pics....

her and me.... i enjoyed shopping with her on tat day... my kaki shopper tat shop till we drop =)

her bro owen who annoyed me... hahahha but it was fun having him around =) and and and lastly

siew ee and me at the fountain.... hahahha.... anyway i kinda miss georgie now... with his barking and all.... well i miss u la GEORGIE!!!!

hahahha anyway i miss spore badly and after 2 weeks of not driving my car died engine for 5 times.... hahahhaha mum said i suck =)


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