Wednesday, December 17, 2008


hmmm juz came back from kampar for some pre-christmas celebration =) it was fun like hell yeah fun.... started our journey like 5.55pm and we reach ghany like 6.28pm... imagine how fast did winson drove... oh well i ate at ghany and i also meet up with my ns friends... huey, yap mun and beh =)

joy meet new friends and thanks to me she meet her jr from pgs... hahahha yap mun so i followed them back to yap mun's place b4 goin for kylie's pre-christmas celebration.... lol when we were at her place we played chor dai dee.... hahahha i played cheat u will know through the pics =)...oooooo it was raining heavily and i was wet... drench in rain water =(

oh tat is yap mun the pic... hahahha she is my master too but she is master for hamster... hahahha cheating started as i was opening everyones card... hahahhha

and as for that.... i got this for doing that... a souviner from the frame of the bed... yes i hurt myself =( it did not bleed but the skin came off... beh all your fault!!!!!!!!

more pics hahahhah i juz love taking pics with my friends =)

me and huey... finally he got to pinch my cheeks lol cuz i was spamming his fs.. hahahhaha so this means i can spam more???? hmmmm but he still pinch mua cheeks no matter wat

this is beh... he was the one who make me hurt myself... oooo i manage to beat him cuz he said i don know how 2 beat ppl while i was in camp... hello now i do =P hahahha being bullied by him again.... and soon yap mun drove me to ktar for the party... my master can drive!!!!! =)

was kinda late when i reach there and and and at least i did not missed out winson preaching =)

after all that 6 to 7 ppl accepted christ!!!! GOOD JOB WINSON!!! =) and more pics... hahahha i miss grace =) and we saw her there too.... i found new friends.... ahhahahha and kim was tehre too... miss her lots

oh yeah it was a coinsiden that me, joy and winson was wearing strip 2 day hahahha and i love today...oooooooo here is something funny...

joy: if lets say got perasan girl school besides pgs... judee u be the teacher there la den u can be more perasan....

judee: y la i look perasan ke???

winson: is not perasan is peracent!!!!

all of us laugh non stop =)

reach home at 1 something hahahhaha and i ady started missing my ns frenz.... awhhhhhhhh oh yeah manage to see them b4 i leave... hahah pass back the umbrella that joy borrowed from them and i even meet up with joyce where to pass her b day pressie.... ooooooooo is getting late ppl gotta sleep cuz 2 moro will be another tiring day adious ppl!!!!!!!!!!!!

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