Sunday, December 21, 2008


howdy ppl... yeah yeah im blogging all the way from spore... well fasinating is im all home alone... WOW!!!! how great is that... hahah saw yi jun at the spore checkpoint and and even helena and her 'cute' daughter... according to yi jun ya so cute daughter... man man man i went northpoint juz now and man i gound my lappy... hahahha now is the time to wait for mum to come back and tell her all bout it...

ooooooo sale is on and and i only have like 60 bucks ow with me... i saw lots of nice printed tee but but but don know la and and esprit is having this super sale... hahahha i wanna get those too and and i spotted a nice flats... i wonder can i???? hmmmmmmm let wait till the day comes... oh i have been rotting at home like errrrr don know.... lol

all i do was movie marathon, eat, sleep, again and again besides shopping and taking pic of my stupid geogie... pics will be uploaded when im back cuz i did not bring my cable... deng!!!!!!! oh yeah my msn here died so im using e buddy... lol my e buddy here is freindly compare to college.... =)

i cant wait for my laptop... is freaking cheap here lo i tell u and and im choosing sony vaio here =) freaking cheap i tell u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! only $1399.... WTF!!! i don care im getting and now i no longer having my psp... BRO TOOK IT AND PROCLAIM IS HIS!!!!!!!!! anyway he is getting a new one for me... weeee~ i get to choose e colour!!!!!!!!!! he told me don choose pink... fine!!!!!!!! i shall take other colour and he said after pimping my ipod... i look more lala!!! DIU!!!!!!

im not lala la!!!!!!!!!! ahahhaha anyway i miss joy, justin, winson, yee cheong, ashley and the rest ady!!! lol and guess wat sis is asking fashion tips from me... lol anyway need to help her now... bye!!!!!!

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