Tuesday, December 23, 2008


grrrrrrrrr!!!! ROAR!!!!!!!!!! im fucking pissed rite now... don u know i was helping u out as u ask me to and in the end u scolded me like im some jackass!!!! wat by saying where is your brain!!! u got no brain ar ??? so wat now i tell u where is my brain is rite up in your ass HAPPY???? I HATE MY SISTER!!!!!

i have the most annoying yet most horrible sister in the world... one minute u r good and the next u r freaking nasty.... how i wish i got a sister who is not like her grrrrrrr!!!!! anyway i think i will be ok rite now after being contaminated my mind with bad words and all... i don care when im mad words fly out.... yeah so IM FUCKING PISSED!!!!!

anyway i was out alone today.... i went to cuaseway point in woodlands and im kinda happy cuz i know wat i want when mummy is free.... hahahhaha i can juz go and grab the top juz like that... =) oh speaking of walking my feet hurts due to the blisters i have.... hmmmmmm is not good man and and and i had a one on one talked with bro seems he is off today =)... kinda fun hahahaha

oh yeah when i was pissed bc zai was chatting with me and she make me feel much more better.... i freaking miss u jek bc zai =( hahahha she is getting me pressie =) it rain abit 2 day in spore... hahahah 1st raindrop ever since i was in spore.... i think i will continue chatting now hahahha

i miss u guys back in ipoh!!!!!!

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