Thursday, December 25, 2008


oki oki sorry bout the previous post.. i was angry and wat hapens if a person is super duper angry =( yeah words keeps on flowing witout stopping... anyway i would like to wish everyone MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!! hahahah yeap is chirstmas after all and and and i wont be alone this christmas... ooooooo i was actually thinking that im alone seems everyone is working on christmas day... so nah!!!! im not yee sue is coming down to spore and and and im goin out with her later... ooooooo it has been a while i have not see her and i miss her lots... haha i have been missing lots of ppl le =)

im goin out soon to meet her up at orchard mrt station yes!!!!!!!! finally im goin orchard and it will be super packed with ppl... i don like lo but wat to do =).. oh yeah 2 moro im meeting up with siew ee at city hall... i cant wait man and on saturday im goin bugis to hunt for pressies.... btw channel 5 have many nice movie to watch and i can juz be a couch potato watching it whole day.... hahahha

im a big fan of ghost whisperer and in spore they are showing season 4... dude y is malaysia damn slow ar???? even desperate housewifes here is faster den in malaysia... ish ish ish grrrrrrrr i hope it don rain today cuz the weather seems gloomy la.... pls God don rain =)...

i wanna enjoy my life now and don think of the past which haunt me badly =)..... anyway was browsing through a frens blog... hmmmmmmm i shall not say word cuz it seems so desperate la.... ewwwww and this is a note to bih tong aka pig tong!!

im not a lesbian!!!! u la lesbian lol

hahahha gtg now and get ready for my outing =) and i wish everyone



no mood to sing la hehheheheh

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