Saturday, December 27, 2008


im having ulcer *screams* is pain but nvm ias long as im enjoying my stya till now... oh yea i was out with siew ee yesterday... damn syoik i tell u... hahahha she was my bus mate and and it has been so long since i last saw her.... she is also like me... kaki shopper wei i found my partner hahahhah... we were like in ipoh din see each other but muz come all the way to spore baru wanna hang out lol....

we went to suntec city mall and also wat ar.. grrrrrrr i don remember but we had a blast =) lol we did some catching up and it was really funny when we talked bout our ns camp stuff... hahahhaha after talking like 15 minutes we only realise we were in the same camp i know lame rite??? hahahah but wat will not go wrong with lameness with me and her... lol

oh yeah her bro is like taller den me... ish im so short!!!! and and and he is only 11... man wat is this la... anyway her bro is is grrrrrrr one annoying one but but it was fun speaking to him... he thought i was 15 years old.... jezzzzz im not tat young but i shall take it as a compliment HAHAHAHA

walked walked and walked i finally manage to get all the christmas present in one shot... wow!!!!! and i love them hahahhaha so i wont be goin back empty handed... oh yea i brought this top in mng.. and my sis hijected me!!!! walked whole day and she took my top!!!! hmmmm nvm seems she is lacking in fashion and and and my mum said she wear like aunty.. hahahahha my sis AUNTY!!!! so with pityness i sold to her and i earn 10 dollars from her... sistem barter memang berguna =)

nvm 2 day willl be goin to bugis... this means im shopping for more stuff for myself =P is bout me me me!!!! ME!!!!!!!!!!!!

hahahah yesterday after goin out with siew ee went back and soon im out again with my sis in her new mng baju tat i brought =(... we went to wat mall at kim seng road where my jie fu and mum is working... hahahhaha walked lagi... now i announce tat im suffering blisters pain too =( but nvm and and and i kinda enjoyed =) sis got her husband a seiko watch which worth errrrrrrr don know and and wat a new car!!!!! since when they change car???? now is a black lancer... very SPORTY!!! its nice and its WOW~~~
i wanna drive lol

im into the mood now to to shop more and and buy more =) i don care bout my feet now... lol this is wat u call 'oi leng moi meng' if u und canto den this is it tat describe me =) bye and and i will be back on 30th =)
miss u guys hahahha =)

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