Saturday, December 13, 2008


yes i know is super long this show has been out but i only get to watch it today... YES TODAY!!! lol anyway the movie is ok la for me.... i will not go crazy after a vampire boyfriend like edward cullen.... i don get it y gals will go super crazy over him???? hmmmmm im not

anyway b4 movie starts... i was being annoyed by my niece and nephew again... they are really a pain in my arse... how pain can it really get???? SUPER PAIN!!! they really annoyed u like no other kids can annoyed u... man i feel like killing them.... but i wont be seeing them once i go spore.. hahahha come on judee look on the bright side =)

movie starts at 4.45 pm and i watch with william.... hahahha he fetch me cuz i was being lazy to drive... yes lazy.... reach there like hmmmm 4 .20 pm... kinda still early so we walked into capcom and chat... hahahha kinda tempting to play those games... but if i play i will not get out from there like wat happen to me in cc =P

so movie i tell u there is this kid behind me.. ish!!! spoiled the mood only la... he is freaking annoying like my niece and nephew... y do kids have to stick to me like a leach???? he was like kicking the seat me and william felt it and we were actually mumbling y is he doin it at a very nice moment of the movie.... and and his face was really near mine if i turm back man i feel like killing him too.... hahahha but i did not =)

anyway it come to my conclusion..... I HATE KIDS!!!!!... they are freaking annoying and i know i will have them when i am married or wat.... jezzzzzzz so after movie william have to get tics for his bro cuz his bro wanna watch bolt... william was hoping that the counter was full with long que but it seems no... lol kesian la

din really do much le he has to rush to church while me i have to rush for cell.... hahahha after cell went wong kam to yum cha... man i have this bad headache and it is really seriously killing me.... and can u imagine me have to drive somemore...hmmmm is ok la...

i LOVE today =) *big smiles* and i think i will love more later on... hahahha that all folks till then i will update more =) BYE!!!!!!

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