Tuesday, December 29, 2009


have been eating alot lately i think... basically all late dinners where i completely failed my attempt of not eating after 8 o'clock at night.... had dinner with my churchmates at 2+1 in bercharm and boy it was great... speaking the amount of fats i consume....

yesterday i had lunch with abang in pizza hut... woah woah woah CHEESE is killing me right on the spot... i forcefully make myself finish 2 pieces of pizza but in the end i did not.... hahaha sat near the window view... cant really open my eyes and i was actually distracted with many kinds of cars at the traffic light... SERIOUSLY distracted....

after that was enriched chocolate kat pekan lama.... ahhhhhh the feeling of drinking enriched makes me not so emo afterall.... but it was super siong cuz eating that much amount of food especially bread makes it worst.... ah who cares right as long i get to enriched chocolate =)

the year of 2009 is coming to an end... waiting for a new year to arrive and hopefully is a good year for me.... despite of looking at the bad things that happen in 2009 i would stay positive and look on the good things that happen... 1st of all i meet with many new friends and i even get to know them better... 2nd i get to mend things around with my assisting friends which i shall not name who =)... 3rd i get to travelling to penang where i never been to...

basically many things to write but i bet no one wanna knows everything right... i will go yada yada yada non stop.... hahahaha btw happy be early HAPPY NEW YEAR~~~~ don know i will be updating this blog during that day.....


p/s: im going pasar malam tonight..... it has been a while i never been there.... and i miss singing out of sudden i miss singing =l

Saturday, December 26, 2009


MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone.... lol i know is late but i kinda have an interesting christmas back in ipoh... went church was late due to something and after church here comes the best part... me, abang and andrew went to maria's cafe to chill and also talked.... hmmmm the food was superb... aaron ordered the beef pie and wootsssss it taste great

i had my carrot cake while andrew had blueberry cheesecake.... woh woh woh

maria's was definately a place to chat cuz it really quiet and boy i just love the surroundings... besides smelling weird smell whenever the toilet door opens... but overall it was great and im thinking can we have lunch or dinner there???

i saw the steak and it was woah..... hahahah its a must to dine-in in maria's cafe =)


p/s: just came back from takei and it was super GG.... takei just made my day and what is more with people whom makes me laugh instead of making me pissed... lol

Friday, December 18, 2009


im high...im heep... im excited as i got new tops and a new dress in to my cupboard.... im admiring my baju-baju sekalians now.... hahaha shopping spree planned by me and abang was indeed a successful one.... yesterday me and abang went jusco... but before that was in church as abang gotta practice for the service this sunday.... christmas is coming... so camwhore la sikit

it was dead boring... yawning for don know how many times while they were practicing.... finally time for jj and boy seems is dooms day ahhhhh shopping can cure... the entire time i was there i only manage to get one top in pdi... grrrrr but i like the nose flats but no discount... someone get that for me as my christmas pressie.... hahaha

the top i got and abang got his jeans and also pants... back home felt guity for not buying the rest.... nvm~~~~

today was another exciting day.... hahahha me and abang went parade to continue our shopping spree... he has a list to buy but me nope nothing.... the mission of dieting failed and hence kopitiam junction for our lunch...

wurt wurt wurt~~~~ tops i brought

dress ini half of the price abang paid for me as my christmas gift... so good hor... thank you so much~~~~ =) thats all still wondering should i go for the play or not...

p/s: i saw my master... i saw him and man i kena bully badly from him.... can i have a new master?????


went jj with my school friends today... a plan out outing which some people ffk me, jenny and rachel... grrrr nvm i brought another tank top from pdi and it only cost 24.50

and and my heels although i wanted the flats but tak ada my size HOW???? so i settle for this

my very 1st purple heels although i wanted the black one... hahahha yes black again but black can match with so many stuffs.... lol but seriously i think mummy is gonna kill me as i baru buang few pairs of shoes and now im buying and it comes up to 24 pairs... hahahhaha

i even brought a new eye liner and some other make up products... =)

Thursday, December 17, 2009


had a fun time chattering all the way and also eating.... in mcd gunung rapat again... hahaha gotta stop going mcd and also kopitiam if i can tahan my addictions towards takei in big j and also enriched chocolate..... such sinful treats i have for myself.... a day out with william choi wee lim was one funny and practically showing our noobness towards each other....

i thought he was those pro type of person in takei but like what he said i did not play or go cc for a very long time and man he was right.... played l4d 2 with him and boy what do you get when there is 2 noob person in a game??? i cant stop laughing while i was teaching him playing telling him the infected zombies and all.... he actually learn quite fast... what to do people smart... hahahha

will be seeing him more often now as he is free from studies till his results are out.... what i know he dont like playing DOTA... mostly guys i know they love dota... without dota is like no life towards them... hahaha *this phrase is refering to lamestbabisnog* but but but im jealous of william that he has 2 new gadgets to play with... a new pedal and an amp.... woah~~~~ kaya raya ni

a person with music talents.... you would not wanna see his collection is like WOAH for me.... with guitars, bass, a drum set and other music instruments and now pedal and amp can do jamming at his house ady lol..... a fun guy to hang out with =)

decisions are always hard to make

i just dont get it

why talk crap but no actions at all

is all nonsense dont you think so?

i miss.....

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


another journey with my college mates to a place called teluk batik... hahah my 1st time to teluk batik and pls dont laugh~~~ at least improving on where im going... patricia jie jie was the driver while the girls o f HND which consist of me, fiona and kah men were in patricia's car.... hmmmmm i tell you being the driver will be super mad... tell you guys later... anyway upon reaching the beach.... im high im feeling it~~~ its the beach~~~

mainly we were there to release tension after exams and also one of our club activities.... more more pics... the juniors went too and we build something with sands... i know BUDAK KECIK~~~ =)... candid pictures of i dont know wat was going on... lol

Hmmmm was be wondering what i was doing??? i don even know... and let me present you the junior whom always bully me and pat... gupreet and choke

and how i wish abang, uncle justin, joy, winson and the rest were there with me... look i did you guys a favour =) that is why im emo-ing alone at the beach
I know my drawing here sucks... anyway was there till 1 pm and im tan.... i no longer have fair skin.... went to waterfront in lumut to buy stuffs and than it was lunch.... wohoooooo =) look at the foods...

mouth watering right???? hmmmm i tell you all it was thumb ups for the dishes.... kang wei was there to have lunch with us.... btw more pics will be in facebook... malas to upload here le.... anyway it was a good trip till at one point everyone got pissed off at the president.... drive so fast till other got lost... somemore blame people...

at one point me and fiona cannot tahan ady and so the shooting of words begin and hello dude this is not the 1st time.... you just have to spoiled every trip we go.... everyone wanna be happy but in the end you is always you who destroy everything.... i know you hated us for saying those harsh words that triggered your egoness... but as a friend we tell you off to make you realised your mistakes.... the battle is on and next time any trip... you shall not drive at all or maybe dont even come is the best~~~
p/s: was bitten by red ants at the beach and on the way to waterfront... there was a gigantic deep hole on the road and BOOOOMMMMM my elbow hurts and there is blood from the scars... ehhhhh im OK hopefully my elbow is ok cuz the knock was LOUD~~

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


woke up quite early for no reasons and was having this headache but ahhh who cares.... online to check on some stuffs and got ready for the international set lunch in keris.... meet up in college at 1pm and got my tickets from fiona... their tickets look like this and the menu inside shows what dishes we are having....

the theme was angel and devil... dont ask why cuz i don even know....

upon reaching the deco all was ahhhh so angelic and also devilish.... looked at the pics than you know what i mean

my friend was a waiter again while the other 2 more are working in the kitchen as chefs....

anyway lets move on with the food... 1st was the drink called celestial dreamer.... it was nice but i did not even finish it... was testing my camera skills... =)

next would be heavenly harpist with devil seeds...

after that was main course...either devil in disguise or precious pianist... i ate precious pianist while my friends ate the other one...
i just love playing with angles... my dish in another angle... looks like some food in a mag

after that was dessert.... called marvelous grace of roll..... it looks fattening but it was nice cuz my friend was the one who did it =)

told you i miss taking pics.... anyway fetch fiona back home and guess what the rain stopped for her to enter house while for me it was super heavy... got wet and im down with flu which i sneeze non stop and now im coughing.... slept at 4 something and was awaken by someones msg.... anyway feeling better now i think but im still feeling the headache... gotta rest properly cuz 2 moro im going TELUK BATIK!!! =)