Friday, January 30, 2009

hello there =) back with more updates... wat was i doing for the whole CNY??? im rotting at home.... yes rot due to my stupid allergy i have to rot at home and with more fun my mum is back in singapore.... =( anyway yesterday was my day out

thank goodness bih tong's fren reeve yes the england one called me out... at 1st i was blurring on the phone when she called... asking don u know who am i... ok i got like shock but soon i heard pig tong calling my name... hahahah so we went jj.. yes i shall mention again JUSCO!!!! pract ically i need to get a life besides goin jj hahahhaha anyway meet up with them in food and tea.... tat HK restaurant which i refuse to go after that incident with me and desmond seeing a .... u know wat i mean... =)

ok ok i scream in that reaking restaurant thanks to bih tong cuz she said theres a cockrosh on the floor... DENG!!!!!! i tell u everyone was looking at me... wat the hacked!!! *SCREW U BIH TONG* shall i say i have bonding moments with the england one... hahahha ok ok we were kinda close like i mean close but don get me wrong im straight.... =)

jethro snap me out of it if there is a gay or less couple tat can live till their 80's by doin all those stuff.... it is really gross lor.... =X not saying to all la but this type of relationship wont last long... hahahhaha thanks jet for telling me that... oh yeah he even said i be your bro a day so i can get all your angpow.... jezzzzzz =P NO WAY!!! hahahah

yeah~ im gonna have a trading session with him... =) but don know when only sistem barter mmg berguna di tahun ini di mana ekonomi sedang merosot... lol ok damn my BM is getting worst... shall brush up on tat and at the mena time... pic of the day hahahha

im super green la... lol tat all ppl anyway im goin out now =) taking aunt for some groceries shopping... yes being a driver is not a good thing early in the morning =S bye peeps =)

Monday, January 26, 2009

woke up early today and the 1st thing i did was clean my car....
not only mine.... my the other one too...... ish ish ish
hmmmm den is angpow time
ooooooo this year will be my most boring CNY tat i will celebrate

Sunday, January 25, 2009


WEEEEEEEEE~ is sunday and im at home... hahahha was suppose to go kl but u see dad said don want so ended up not going... big boss say no to kl so everyone have to follow his stupid order.... it is raining early in the morning and im super duper freezing.... oh yeah i finally decided to take the pink top and give my sis the brown one.. in one condition... * evil grins* when im singapore i get to take her clothes and wear... ho ho ho this is wat u call a good sis =)

oh is cny 2 moro and im ady bored.... when judee r u gonna start your assignment har???? hmmmmm im still in a holiday mood now... and and and i ady miss goin to college... hahahha after like mc for one whole freaking day on thursday.... well theres nothing to do much besides watching tv the whole day hahahha

oh i finally found a kaki player in counter strike.... hahaha mikey is gonna play with me... ho ho ho =) oh i miss my long emo hair.... im so not gonna cut my hair this time XP

some random pic i took in giordano... hahah finally i know how 2 spell hehehehe lamenya *takes gun and shoot head*


Friday, January 23, 2009


im super duper not happy at all... my most unwanted best fren came back to haunt me after eating salmon... so now i cannot even eat fish???? gah!!!!! i don wanna eat veggie only la.... let me show u guys my so unwanted best frens...

is like wat the hell.... cny is coming and is all bout good food.... but it seems i wont be enjoying at all.... im going frustration now.... see how frust i go..

not only tat is super itchy.... ARG!!!!!!!! stay away from me u stupid allergy.... =( I HATE U!!!!


my allergy is kinda healing... better compared to yesterday.... oh well yesterday nite went to hospital again with ashley and and it looks like justin change gender ady.. opps =X hahahha no la his mum was on the bed while he was sittng on the chair.... hmmmm it looks so familiar la... like when my mum was in the hospital... i was on the bed and my mum on the chair... hahahhaha anyway justin's dad is a funny man... so we ended chatting outside of the room at the place where got tv lol i don know call wat la.... so we kinda talked crap =)

den is off and me and ashley went to persanjung to meet up with winson, joy, aaron, eexin, chin, jia fong and kylie.... ahhahaha winson went kaka the moment he arrive... hmmm tat was is so winson.... lol so we talked and talked till i have to leave and so do ashley... kinda sleepy ady =)so tat was yesterday...

today today today me mum and aunt went to parade... lol yeap suppose to buy socks for bro so we ended in sushi king eating.... it has been so long i din eat sushi and and im kinda aware of poultry cuz if i eat chicken my allergy will be back to haunt me... so so so i cannot eat chicken...

walked around and so my mum said wanted to get clothes for my sis so so so yeah we did.. and i even got a new top =) hahahah i can wear my sis baju and she can wear mine now... wow!!!! so she got 2 new one so when im in spore i can take her's and wear... weeeee!!!!~~~~ i actually like the top tat will be given to her le... took a pic of it =)

and this is wat i got... lol went to fos and i finally got it... hahahha mum keep on telling me to take the pink one instead of this... so my sis can have it... but i still like this brown one

how how how???? pink or this???? ish..... oh well now is time for rits garden buffet lunch pics... lol... banyak candid kat sini dan sana

anyway tat all... man i kinda feel like not blogging la... losing my passion for it... sigh~~~~ anyway will try to uplaod something special besides me shopping and having fun with frens.... mayb should put more pics on my studies... hahahahha

Thursday, January 22, 2009


i ada mc tak payah pergi college..... hahahha ok is so not cool la cuz im having body allergy.... crap!!!!!!!! missing class again and i ady miss moral for freaking 3 weeks la with this included.... oi!!! oi!!!! oi!!!!! ooooo woke up early to see doc and den went to hospital for mum check up and also grandmother's x ray thingy... at the meanwhile i was producing noise pollution for justin in his very small and lonely room... hehehehe i ask him this wont u feel super bored living in a room alone???? he said he loves it... hmmmmm ic *buat muka amazed*

ok ok here i would i like to say there is some immatured ppl using my name to spam other ppls blog... hmmmmm so so immatured of u guys.... don say i don read ppls blog but i do read and don put 'help im lonely' and put my name there.... ooooo and when i chat in chatbox i don put spaces in my name.... a bunch of lamers is all i can say....

hmmmmm ohhhh i saw them in hospital.... well will not say much... anyway im still under medication and i feel sleepy again.... gah!!!!! i don wanna sleep i wanna go out and and like drive around and hmmmm shop???? hahahha well nvm im goin to parade tomorrow for sushi and also shop for my bro stuff....

this note is for nick and bih tong....

u guys are a cool fren of mine eventhough u guys are leaving to keris .. eh wait nick ady left well i kinda miss those moments in cameron with u listening to your ghost stories which are real cuz u can see them and also get to know more bout something which is our secret... hahahahha oh and i will also miss those times when we were in class where u all will teach me some deep canto tat will make me go blurr.... i mean seriously blurr and im sorry cuz u have to repeat and explain to me cuz i don und.... lol well im sure no one will explain to me besides patricia and fiona...

and as for pig tong sampah aka bih tong..... don leave la!!!! don u know without u the whole class wont be noisy and wont be laughing at your very humour jokes.... u will be leaving like the end of cho but still leaving to other college rite after your trainning.... bih tong ar pls la don go la....

the times that we spend is nearly to an end and frenship do last if we cherish them.... for sure we will meet in the pan mee shop for lunch and also movie togather and also karaoke session again where we will sing our hearts out... not forgetting u are invited to all trips that we will be going and i bet u wont miss any of them =) *taman negare blink blink* im surely gonna miss u guys well we for sure will meet up... juz one call everything will settle hahahaha and no transport???? i will come and fetch hahahaha =) bye guys and all the best k

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I have been ubberly depressed and all... well im ok... *starring at the sky looking at the stars* went for a buffet in ritz garden and hmmm im kinda lazy no w to uplosd pics... den 2 day was like the day i knida enjoyed the most... i kinda shop till i drop la.... AGAIN!!! i know im a shophaholic but im kinda bless cuz my mum brought lots of stuff for me 2 day....

firstly.... my parents room got new 32 inch LCD tv.... i got 2 new clothes from padini with my 30% off b day card.... i again got a new dress from giodarno... and and i got a new pair of ballet flats.... =) =) =) =) is all i can do.... i don mind being short after wearing those flats... lol

ooooooo uncle justin has been emitted into hospital cuz he kena dengue fever.... well i visited him today with mummy and i brought my discman for him as he said he was extremely bored... hmmmm now he agree with me that is boring after me staying there for 3 days in a row... oh yea he was being pampered by my mum cuz my mum brought char siu pau and fishballs for him =) hahahahha kesian la.... and im goin again 2 moro cuz mum is goin for check up.... will be or might be skipping class in the morning...

anyway i still hate the liong sui uncle and and after drinking it i don feel liong at all... hmmmm and after the meeting up and lots of talking... hmmmm shall tell mua mentor.... =) bye
i shall indulged in my new items and also watch the new LCD tv in the room =)

Sunday, January 18, 2009


ok ok i have decided to make a very green post... lol i am feeling green and im also wearing a green top... wow so randomnya..... ok ok im back into medication again.... well im having body allergy now... and it sucks.... the doc said i am infected by virus... LAGI WOW!!!! hahahhaha

so so wat i did yesterday... im so so gonna brag about this... i drove on the freaking highway and i love the feeling of driving using 5th gear.... hahahah i feel like some mat rempit kereta style... =) ok ok this is bad but we are allow to speed on highway rite???? so y not do it and enjoy it... anyway went and fetch joan and jill in becky's house which i miss for her be early b day party... im so so sorry

so i went all the way to meru valley for michy gathering... it has been ages i did not see my fellow dwarves... lol seem sin the snow white =P... here are the pics... i shall let the pics do the talking =)

jeet and hasy missing in action.... sad cuz there are not back in ipoh =(

me and joan

me and jill

and now present tat we gave michy so that she will remember us when she is in aussie.... the pic and and the back of the frame with our notes on it =)

so so gonna miss u michy but we will be seeing each other and the rest this sat... hahahha we are goin out =) watching movie.... oooooooo i brought lots of dvd today and the freaking dvd playing went BOOM!!!! hahahha not really la... is juz that it do not wanna play... deng!!!!!!!!

anyway gtg my body is seriouslt aching and im feeling drowsy from the medicine.... ekkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!! bye =)

Friday, January 16, 2009


i had a wonderful yet most enjoyable b day =)... actually i woke up early today 2 take my mum to the hospital to remove her surgery stitches... so i miss hospitality english 2 class again... i thought it will be fast but nope it was like slow.... anyway went back and change and off i went back to college...

in college my frens were actually gone to keris to get some diploma information... hmmm yeah some of them are leaving =( but we still can keep in touch rite??? they sang songs for me in different language seems it a multi agama class... hahahha ok i sound so wrong there... hahaha

went back and rest for a while den is off again cuz i have to fetch arvin in jj cuz i invited him for my b day celebration... lol ppl who went were justin, joy, winson ashley, arvin and andrew... hahahah the rest im sorry cuz u r not in ipoh *hint=yee cheong, kylie and weng kin*

we ate and ate like piggys.... weeeeeeeee and and after that we went t o kopitiam near the padang ipoh.... ohhhhhhhhhh we took stupid pics

its human heads sticking out from a cup... lol too bad justin went back after steamboat cuz he said he is tired... anyway nvm lah.... ooooo ok ok now is the time i will brag again and again.... ahhahah im happy cuz i got lots and lots of presents!!!!! here it goes....
from my aunt the rm 33 bucks thingy i don know call wat

from benita... a cross necklace, a hat and a bilabong braclet =)

a DIY frame thingy which arvin did for me in his working place....

present from joy, winson and uncle justin
skin food products from ashley and yee cheong =)

my new handphone from daddy... w595i =)

and bags which i brought for myself

and there are lots more on the way... like a brand new psp from my brother.... a lappy i think from my mum... 6 more pairs of colour cons.... present from andrew... hahahhaha well i had a blast today and weeeeeeee~ thx so much for the sms and also call 2 wish me happy birthday =) thx so so much =)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


wat did i do today.....
  • i went to parade
  • i walked in parade almost half a day
  • i saw lots of stuff and tried on too (clothes and shoes)
  • i pampered myself with a new handbag =)
  • i got a new watever u call... i don even know wat but it cost 33 bucks and my aunt brought it for me
  • i makan brunch at home
  • i took mum out to book my steamboat table for my b day =)
  • i took mum to cut her hair
  • oh i dye my hair
  • i cut my hair
  • i pimp myself
  • i learn something new but it is consider old ha cuz i failed
  • i sms lots of ppl
  • im having lacked of sleep
  • ok im crapping

can u imagine i actually crap hahahha but it was true though... i went to parade from 11 something in the morning.... hahahhaha and the hair thingy is real too... i look like a lion now =S


b day countdown... 1 DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

happy birthday michy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


i feel like making this post super purple... hahaha im actually having a wonderful day.... NOPE!!! woke up early and did some stuff b4 fiona came and fetch me to college... staring from now im gonna carpool her car every tuesday =).... oooooo as time was still early went to my khai jie place cuz wanted to pay my lens... due to tat she could not hear her phone as it was in the drawer and she flee somewhere... yeah so i ended up goin off to college for my morning class...

well class was ok... we joke alot hahahah and and soon after class ended it was pan mee moment... hahha i ate pan mee again... lol den den was back to college for our club meeting.... commitee election.... gah gah gah NKP CECILIA is retiring... hahahha and here comes the new members.... SHOOT!!!!! i tell u i hate it... i BENCI SANGAT!!!! y la say my name and vote for me... ish ish ish see now im the vice president.... muka i nampak macam vice ke???

yoh yoh yoh i wanna be om=ordinary member like pig tong sampah=bih tong hahahha yer yer and the sem 1 students all vote for me.. wei!!!!!!!!! can i retire now???? can i?????

hmmmmm after all the nonsense... cuz i cannot accept tat im still a vice president... fiona fetch me 2 my khai jie's place again and pay my lens... this time kawaii teh teh saw me and and i saw amanda ong!!! hahahah someone ponteng skul oh.... anyway off again went back home... took a short shower and zoomed im out to jj... hahaha walk walk and i nearly wanted to buy this heels but tak jadi cuz i wanna save up money... ho ho ho =)

seeeeeee i can control myself and im not gonna buy heels... if la =P hahahahha i ady got tons of heels here and and and my mum will juz killed me if i adopt another one back... hahahhah so tat was how i spend my day... wait aunt couldnt get heels for herself and so 2 moro i have to bring her to parade... gah!!!!!! i don wanna drive la!!!!!!!!!


my hair is long now and and im gonna dye it hahahha b4 cny.... stay tune for more boring post

Sunday, January 11, 2009


ok im sick of ppl self proclaim super holy type... saying tat im doin some unholy stuff... well look who is not now.... for once i wanna think tat im not a christian... and i can juz indulge myself in a world of worldly stuffs. vulgalrity is a way tat can be done in this situation... is all SHIT!!! so wat.... im so so not gonna talked to some ppl now... sometimes ppl are hard to be trusted and man when it comes to trust i tell u is bloody shit la...

i have this easily tempted to trust ppl... once this and next the other one and the other one betray me... wow wat a world and said u are very holy.... should i take a brave move to see human like the way god see???? should i juz take this as a way of growing??? or should i have juz fall and go into the world of worldly ppl doins like clubbing and all and forget bout it * tat was how u judge me in the 1st place*

oh well u were also once doing something not so christian and hey BULLSHIT LA!!!! i don feel pity to this type of wannabe type... ho ho ho wannabe hmmmmm let me think 1st.... how i wish i never meet this type of person... how i wish tat i wasnt a christian in a 1st place where there are lots of some ******.... im juz sick of it la

Saturday, January 10, 2009


ah!!!! finally i get to rest on my bed for long hours... i have been in and out of the hospital for some reasons... now everything will be back to normal... no more skipping classes... more driving and errr less internet??? lol i hope so i wanna go on hiatus... cuz i found out i got freaky dark eye bags....

finally i no need to see nurses in white and in blue... anyway im not the one being emitted la... hahahha is my mum but i have been there the whole time... anyway yesterday justin, weng kin, ashley and andrew came and visit my mum... hahahha we t alked and laugh and wat is more nice is that my bro is there... ok he gets to see me kena bully by them....

after kena halau by the fat security... my bro went to my aunts place while me and the rest went to aneka to have my dinner... i was super tired so i need energy to do other stuff... yeah i ate =) oh yeah bro was being super good to me... he gave me rm 100 =) im filty rich now... hahahha but i juz spend rm 50 on my dogs treats and foods... hahahah and and and my mummy is getting for my 3 more pairs of colour lens... oooooo which makes a total of 6 pairs of colour lens...

anyway college has started and i ponteng one day.... results are out and im kinda happy with it... errr i think so at least i no need 2 resit bloody malaysian studies =)... but i have to suffer through this sem subs with is moral... macam mana kalau saya tak a da nilai moral???? tak perlu belajar la!!!! hahahahha i wish i could =S

oh yeah i would wanna congratez to jethro cuz he finally can go and drive on the road for the 1st time... lamenya.. still haven pass also =P *evil grins* oh yeah i don wanna drive ady!!!!! pls pls pls fetch me ler.... hahahaha

while in hospital... yeah my disease of camwhoring is back.... btw i would wanna say something...


Wednesday, January 7, 2009


hey im back =) sorry for not updating my blog... theres been lots of stuff happening and it kinda brought me to the world of sorrowness... anyway juz make it short tat i cried a lot.... anyway was chatting with uncle justin juz now... hahahha b4 ending our convo....this is wat we talked about

justin: hey gtg now, sleep time
judee: ok
justin: wanna sleep early tonight
judee: ooooooo
y ar???
insomnia boy
ekkk im goin hospital at 8
gonna sleep soon
justin: aha ok
judee: anyway thanks for answering my question
justin: no prob
judee: nitez uncle
justin: will answer the rest of yours next day
judee: oki
justin: nitez aunty
judee: oi
justin: =D
judee: monkey =P
justin: where did that come from...?
judee: errrrr
cousins to baboon???
justin: im not your cousin
eh sleep time
judee: see my pm
justin: .....
u gonna kena this weekend
judee: =P

hahahhahha this is wat happen and y my pm says ' hahahhaha justin is baboon cousin' wat a convo =) i hope im not gonna kena for real this weekend hehehehhe =P

Thursday, January 1, 2009


hey peeps!!!! happy new year =) hahahha ever since im back im super duper busy.... lol once back i have to drive here and there for my cousins wedding... ekkkk once arrive drove aunt to market and them me and mum went to old town to eat the famous chicken kuetiew *errr don know how 2 spell la* den off to banks for mum to settle her stuff.... jezzzzzz i din rest at all....

at nite have this dinner buffet at aunts place and i was pissed off as i was being scolded for being late... hello my grandma wanna follow her fren and her fren cause me to be late cuz i have to wait for her to arrive and take my grandma.... the very next day too i got scolded thanks to my grand too.... jezzzzzzzzzz!!!! from tat i hate driving.... i have to speed damn fast for the tea ceremony as my grand is one of the special one....

mummy and me.... hahahhaha and and here are my uncles who are super funny =)

miss your favourite cupcakes!!!! hahahha it taste good too....

the uberly most comfortable wedding car.. hahahha honda accord =) and is time for the bride and g rrom to exchange vows.... oh did i mention my cousin married to an ang mo???? hahahhaha he looks old la =S

awhhhhh how sweet he even make my cousin cried.... touching eh???? hahahha den it was lion dance... hahah spotted some good looking or should i say leng zai... hahahha

and it was lunch and off we went back home... hahahhah i finally got my nap and man i really need those sleeping beauty moments... hahahha woke up and got ready for the dinner... i din really take much cuz there is this camera and video man around so yeah pics are there hahahhah

the champagne opening and pouring where everyone shout 'yum seng!!!!!!'

when everything has ended kinda stayed back but have to send aunt back so my dad who is fully drunk drove the car and i nearly got killed on the way back to syuen.... ekkkkk!!! back in syuen for the new years countdown and everyone was super high including my dad... everyone was dancing =) oh wait pic with the bride =) *dad took it as he was drunk tat y is blurr*

everyone super high!!!! hahahha anyway i drove back and i meet up with lots of mat rempits on motorcycle and also bicycle.... lame rite this ppl and is all malay... hahah wanna bang them and teach them a lesson... wakkakaka im so so evil *evil grins*