Friday, January 16, 2009


i had a wonderful yet most enjoyable b day =)... actually i woke up early today 2 take my mum to the hospital to remove her surgery stitches... so i miss hospitality english 2 class again... i thought it will be fast but nope it was like slow.... anyway went back and change and off i went back to college...

in college my frens were actually gone to keris to get some diploma information... hmmm yeah some of them are leaving =( but we still can keep in touch rite??? they sang songs for me in different language seems it a multi agama class... hahahha ok i sound so wrong there... hahaha

went back and rest for a while den is off again cuz i have to fetch arvin in jj cuz i invited him for my b day celebration... lol ppl who went were justin, joy, winson ashley, arvin and andrew... hahahah the rest im sorry cuz u r not in ipoh *hint=yee cheong, kylie and weng kin*

we ate and ate like piggys.... weeeeeeeee and and after that we went t o kopitiam near the padang ipoh.... ohhhhhhhhhh we took stupid pics

its human heads sticking out from a cup... lol too bad justin went back after steamboat cuz he said he is tired... anyway nvm lah.... ooooo ok ok now is the time i will brag again and again.... ahhahah im happy cuz i got lots and lots of presents!!!!! here it goes....
from my aunt the rm 33 bucks thingy i don know call wat

from benita... a cross necklace, a hat and a bilabong braclet =)

a DIY frame thingy which arvin did for me in his working place....

present from joy, winson and uncle justin
skin food products from ashley and yee cheong =)

my new handphone from daddy... w595i =)

and bags which i brought for myself

and there are lots more on the way... like a brand new psp from my brother.... a lappy i think from my mum... 6 more pairs of colour cons.... present from andrew... hahahhaha well i had a blast today and weeeeeeee~ thx so much for the sms and also call 2 wish me happy birthday =) thx so so much =)

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