Thursday, January 1, 2009


hey peeps!!!! happy new year =) hahahha ever since im back im super duper busy.... lol once back i have to drive here and there for my cousins wedding... ekkkk once arrive drove aunt to market and them me and mum went to old town to eat the famous chicken kuetiew *errr don know how 2 spell la* den off to banks for mum to settle her stuff.... jezzzzzz i din rest at all....

at nite have this dinner buffet at aunts place and i was pissed off as i was being scolded for being late... hello my grandma wanna follow her fren and her fren cause me to be late cuz i have to wait for her to arrive and take my grandma.... the very next day too i got scolded thanks to my grand too.... jezzzzzzzzzz!!!! from tat i hate driving.... i have to speed damn fast for the tea ceremony as my grand is one of the special one....

mummy and me.... hahahhaha and and here are my uncles who are super funny =)

miss your favourite cupcakes!!!! hahahha it taste good too....

the uberly most comfortable wedding car.. hahahha honda accord =) and is time for the bride and g rrom to exchange vows.... oh did i mention my cousin married to an ang mo???? hahahhaha he looks old la =S

awhhhhh how sweet he even make my cousin cried.... touching eh???? hahahha den it was lion dance... hahah spotted some good looking or should i say leng zai... hahahha

and it was lunch and off we went back home... hahahhah i finally got my nap and man i really need those sleeping beauty moments... hahahha woke up and got ready for the dinner... i din really take much cuz there is this camera and video man around so yeah pics are there hahahhah

the champagne opening and pouring where everyone shout 'yum seng!!!!!!'

when everything has ended kinda stayed back but have to send aunt back so my dad who is fully drunk drove the car and i nearly got killed on the way back to syuen.... ekkkkk!!! back in syuen for the new years countdown and everyone was super high including my dad... everyone was dancing =) oh wait pic with the bride =) *dad took it as he was drunk tat y is blurr*

everyone super high!!!! hahahha anyway i drove back and i meet up with lots of mat rempits on motorcycle and also bicycle.... lame rite this ppl and is all malay... hahah wanna bang them and teach them a lesson... wakkakaka im so so evil *evil grins*

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