Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I have been ubberly depressed and all... well im ok... *starring at the sky looking at the stars* went for a buffet in ritz garden and hmmm im kinda lazy no w to uplosd pics... den 2 day was like the day i knida enjoyed the most... i kinda shop till i drop la.... AGAIN!!! i know im a shophaholic but im kinda bless cuz my mum brought lots of stuff for me 2 day....

firstly.... my parents room got new 32 inch LCD tv.... i got 2 new clothes from padini with my 30% off b day card.... i again got a new dress from giodarno... and and i got a new pair of ballet flats.... =) =) =) =) is all i can do.... i don mind being short after wearing those flats... lol

ooooooo uncle justin has been emitted into hospital cuz he kena dengue fever.... well i visited him today with mummy and i brought my discman for him as he said he was extremely bored... hmmmm now he agree with me that is boring after me staying there for 3 days in a row... oh yea he was being pampered by my mum cuz my mum brought char siu pau and fishballs for him =) hahahahha kesian la.... and im goin again 2 moro cuz mum is goin for check up.... will be or might be skipping class in the morning...

anyway i still hate the liong sui uncle and and after drinking it i don feel liong at all... hmmmm and after the meeting up and lots of talking... hmmmm shall tell mua mentor.... =) bye
i shall indulged in my new items and also watch the new LCD tv in the room =)

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