Friday, January 30, 2009

hello there =) back with more updates... wat was i doing for the whole CNY??? im rotting at home.... yes rot due to my stupid allergy i have to rot at home and with more fun my mum is back in singapore.... =( anyway yesterday was my day out

thank goodness bih tong's fren reeve yes the england one called me out... at 1st i was blurring on the phone when she called... asking don u know who am i... ok i got like shock but soon i heard pig tong calling my name... hahahah so we went jj.. yes i shall mention again JUSCO!!!! pract ically i need to get a life besides goin jj hahahhaha anyway meet up with them in food and tea.... tat HK restaurant which i refuse to go after that incident with me and desmond seeing a .... u know wat i mean... =)

ok ok i scream in that reaking restaurant thanks to bih tong cuz she said theres a cockrosh on the floor... DENG!!!!!! i tell u everyone was looking at me... wat the hacked!!! *SCREW U BIH TONG* shall i say i have bonding moments with the england one... hahahha ok ok we were kinda close like i mean close but don get me wrong im straight.... =)

jethro snap me out of it if there is a gay or less couple tat can live till their 80's by doin all those stuff.... it is really gross lor.... =X not saying to all la but this type of relationship wont last long... hahahhaha thanks jet for telling me that... oh yeah he even said i be your bro a day so i can get all your angpow.... jezzzzzz =P NO WAY!!! hahahah

yeah~ im gonna have a trading session with him... =) but don know when only sistem barter mmg berguna di tahun ini di mana ekonomi sedang merosot... lol ok damn my BM is getting worst... shall brush up on tat and at the mena time... pic of the day hahahha

im super green la... lol tat all ppl anyway im goin out now =) taking aunt for some groceries shopping... yes being a driver is not a good thing early in the morning =S bye peeps =)

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