Wednesday, January 7, 2009


hey im back =) sorry for not updating my blog... theres been lots of stuff happening and it kinda brought me to the world of sorrowness... anyway juz make it short tat i cried a lot.... anyway was chatting with uncle justin juz now... hahahha b4 ending our convo....this is wat we talked about

justin: hey gtg now, sleep time
judee: ok
justin: wanna sleep early tonight
judee: ooooooo
y ar???
insomnia boy
ekkk im goin hospital at 8
gonna sleep soon
justin: aha ok
judee: anyway thanks for answering my question
justin: no prob
judee: nitez uncle
justin: will answer the rest of yours next day
judee: oki
justin: nitez aunty
judee: oi
justin: =D
judee: monkey =P
justin: where did that come from...?
judee: errrrr
cousins to baboon???
justin: im not your cousin
eh sleep time
judee: see my pm
justin: .....
u gonna kena this weekend
judee: =P

hahahhahha this is wat happen and y my pm says ' hahahhaha justin is baboon cousin' wat a convo =) i hope im not gonna kena for real this weekend hehehehhe =P

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pismayka said...

wat happened my darling ju dee? love ya cheer uppy! :)
n d convo, LOL. haha

'God allows life to be rocky. His purpose is not to grind you into dust but to polish you into a precious gem.' Stay precious...baboon? haha

see ya!