Sunday, January 18, 2009


ok ok i have decided to make a very green post... lol i am feeling green and im also wearing a green top... wow so randomnya..... ok ok im back into medication again.... well im having body allergy now... and it sucks.... the doc said i am infected by virus... LAGI WOW!!!! hahahhaha

so so wat i did yesterday... im so so gonna brag about this... i drove on the freaking highway and i love the feeling of driving using 5th gear.... hahahah i feel like some mat rempit kereta style... =) ok ok this is bad but we are allow to speed on highway rite???? so y not do it and enjoy it... anyway went and fetch joan and jill in becky's house which i miss for her be early b day party... im so so sorry

so i went all the way to meru valley for michy gathering... it has been ages i did not see my fellow dwarves... lol seem sin the snow white =P... here are the pics... i shall let the pics do the talking =)

jeet and hasy missing in action.... sad cuz there are not back in ipoh =(

me and joan

me and jill

and now present tat we gave michy so that she will remember us when she is in aussie.... the pic and and the back of the frame with our notes on it =)

so so gonna miss u michy but we will be seeing each other and the rest this sat... hahahha we are goin out =) watching movie.... oooooooo i brought lots of dvd today and the freaking dvd playing went BOOM!!!! hahahha not really la... is juz that it do not wanna play... deng!!!!!!!!

anyway gtg my body is seriouslt aching and im feeling drowsy from the medicine.... ekkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!! bye =)

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