Sunday, January 25, 2009


WEEEEEEEEE~ is sunday and im at home... hahahha was suppose to go kl but u see dad said don want so ended up not going... big boss say no to kl so everyone have to follow his stupid order.... it is raining early in the morning and im super duper freezing.... oh yeah i finally decided to take the pink top and give my sis the brown one.. in one condition... * evil grins* when im singapore i get to take her clothes and wear... ho ho ho this is wat u call a good sis =)

oh is cny 2 moro and im ady bored.... when judee r u gonna start your assignment har???? hmmmmm im still in a holiday mood now... and and and i ady miss goin to college... hahahha after like mc for one whole freaking day on thursday.... well theres nothing to do much besides watching tv the whole day hahahha

oh i finally found a kaki player in counter strike.... hahaha mikey is gonna play with me... ho ho ho =) oh i miss my long emo hair.... im so not gonna cut my hair this time XP

some random pic i took in giordano... hahah finally i know how 2 spell hehehehe lamenya *takes gun and shoot head*


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