Friday, January 23, 2009


my allergy is kinda healing... better compared to yesterday.... oh well yesterday nite went to hospital again with ashley and and it looks like justin change gender ady.. opps =X hahahha no la his mum was on the bed while he was sittng on the chair.... hmmmm it looks so familiar la... like when my mum was in the hospital... i was on the bed and my mum on the chair... hahahhaha anyway justin's dad is a funny man... so we ended chatting outside of the room at the place where got tv lol i don know call wat la.... so we kinda talked crap =)

den is off and me and ashley went to persanjung to meet up with winson, joy, aaron, eexin, chin, jia fong and kylie.... ahhahaha winson went kaka the moment he arrive... hmmm tat was is so winson.... lol so we talked and talked till i have to leave and so do ashley... kinda sleepy ady =)so tat was yesterday...

today today today me mum and aunt went to parade... lol yeap suppose to buy socks for bro so we ended in sushi king eating.... it has been so long i din eat sushi and and im kinda aware of poultry cuz if i eat chicken my allergy will be back to haunt me... so so so i cannot eat chicken...

walked around and so my mum said wanted to get clothes for my sis so so so yeah we did.. and i even got a new top =) hahahah i can wear my sis baju and she can wear mine now... wow!!!! so she got 2 new one so when im in spore i can take her's and wear... weeeee!!!!~~~~ i actually like the top tat will be given to her le... took a pic of it =)

and this is wat i got... lol went to fos and i finally got it... hahahha mum keep on telling me to take the pink one instead of this... so my sis can have it... but i still like this brown one

how how how???? pink or this???? ish..... oh well now is time for rits garden buffet lunch pics... lol... banyak candid kat sini dan sana

anyway tat all... man i kinda feel like not blogging la... losing my passion for it... sigh~~~~ anyway will try to uplaod something special besides me shopping and having fun with frens.... mayb should put more pics on my studies... hahahahha

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