Wednesday, January 14, 2009


wat did i do today.....
  • i went to parade
  • i walked in parade almost half a day
  • i saw lots of stuff and tried on too (clothes and shoes)
  • i pampered myself with a new handbag =)
  • i got a new watever u call... i don even know wat but it cost 33 bucks and my aunt brought it for me
  • i makan brunch at home
  • i took mum out to book my steamboat table for my b day =)
  • i took mum to cut her hair
  • oh i dye my hair
  • i cut my hair
  • i pimp myself
  • i learn something new but it is consider old ha cuz i failed
  • i sms lots of ppl
  • im having lacked of sleep
  • ok im crapping

can u imagine i actually crap hahahha but it was true though... i went to parade from 11 something in the morning.... hahahhaha and the hair thingy is real too... i look like a lion now =S


b day countdown... 1 DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

happy birthday michy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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