Tuesday, January 13, 2009


i feel like making this post super purple... hahaha im actually having a wonderful day.... NOPE!!! woke up early and did some stuff b4 fiona came and fetch me to college... staring from now im gonna carpool her car every tuesday =).... oooooo as time was still early went to my khai jie place cuz wanted to pay my lens... due to tat she could not hear her phone as it was in the drawer and she flee somewhere... yeah so i ended up goin off to college for my morning class...

well class was ok... we joke alot hahahah and and soon after class ended it was pan mee moment... hahha i ate pan mee again... lol den den was back to college for our club meeting.... commitee election.... gah gah gah NKP CECILIA is retiring... hahahha and here comes the new members.... SHOOT!!!!! i tell u i hate it... i BENCI SANGAT!!!! y la say my name and vote for me... ish ish ish see now im the vice president.... muka i nampak macam vice ke???

yoh yoh yoh i wanna be om=ordinary member like pig tong sampah=bih tong hahahha yer yer and the sem 1 students all vote for me.. wei!!!!!!!!! can i retire now???? can i?????

hmmmmm after all the nonsense... cuz i cannot accept tat im still a vice president... fiona fetch me 2 my khai jie's place again and pay my lens... this time kawaii teh teh saw me and and i saw amanda ong!!! hahahah someone ponteng skul oh.... anyway off again went back home... took a short shower and zoomed im out to jj... hahaha walk walk and i nearly wanted to buy this heels but tak jadi cuz i wanna save up money... ho ho ho =)

seeeeeee i can control myself and im not gonna buy heels... if la =P hahahahha i ady got tons of heels here and and and my mum will juz killed me if i adopt another one back... hahahhah so tat was how i spend my day... wait aunt couldnt get heels for herself and so 2 moro i have to bring her to parade... gah!!!!!! i don wanna drive la!!!!!!!!!


my hair is long now and and im gonna dye it hahahha b4 cny.... stay tune for more boring post

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