Sunday, January 11, 2009


ok im sick of ppl self proclaim super holy type... saying tat im doin some unholy stuff... well look who is not now.... for once i wanna think tat im not a christian... and i can juz indulge myself in a world of worldly stuffs. vulgalrity is a way tat can be done in this situation... is all SHIT!!! so wat.... im so so not gonna talked to some ppl now... sometimes ppl are hard to be trusted and man when it comes to trust i tell u is bloody shit la...

i have this easily tempted to trust ppl... once this and next the other one and the other one betray me... wow wat a world and said u are very holy.... should i take a brave move to see human like the way god see???? should i juz take this as a way of growing??? or should i have juz fall and go into the world of worldly ppl doins like clubbing and all and forget bout it * tat was how u judge me in the 1st place*

oh well u were also once doing something not so christian and hey BULLSHIT LA!!!! i don feel pity to this type of wannabe type... ho ho ho wannabe hmmmmm let me think 1st.... how i wish i never meet this type of person... how i wish tat i wasnt a christian in a 1st place where there are lots of some ******.... im juz sick of it la

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