Friday, February 27, 2009


ahhhhhhhh.... ok ok i really get sick of playing this game ady... went to imax with nic, dixon and shadow to play L4D again... hahahhha at 1st bersemangat but soon i got this bad headache and it really kills.... i did camwhore in cc hahahha oh yeah me and nic wore the same pink strip shirt =)

see everyone playing dead serious =S

y am i so free in the middle of the game??? cuz im dead!!!! look

hahahhah i was being a noob player =) so i enjoyed being dead and taking pics... more pics of the day

my face damn big lo... fat liau!!!!!!! i need to lose weight!! hahahhah ok ok currently juz finish housekeeping assignment =)

2 down 2 more to go!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


finally i found my husband... yes i said my husband..... =P according to winson red is an ugly husband but according to my eyes... HE IS SUPER LENG ZAI!!!! shall show u my beloved husband that i juz got yesterday...

leng zai rite???? come on la is my 1st husband and my last ok... it is rm460 including the bag... well my uncle bargain it and hahahha and it is worth it..... im super happt and i shall let u guys droll on my guitar...

u see red is not an ugly colour ok... is it beautiful....

u guys should be thankful i did not get a pink guitar.... hahahhah it will be so so errrr speechless rite??? hahahhaha


Monday, February 23, 2009


ello ppl!!! im back and im super tired.. oh well the titles says it all.. yup i went to ritz garden hotel for my housekeeping pratical... was there on sat and sun. anyway saturday i was condsidered lucky cuz i got to clean those ahem ahem rooms yup those.... i din know till i saw lots of guys goin in and out from it and gals there are pretty beautiful..... i was under lin and another guy called kuah... they were from myammar.. kuah was the blur and funny guy... i cant stop laughing when i was working with him...
ok thats all for saturday... yesterday i was under kak zahila * i thinkher names spells like tat =S* she was the superwomen... she has been working for 4 years and she is super speedy..... she clean like a mad machine.... oh yeah yesterday me and patricia was under her and we laugh till non stop while making up the beds... ok ok judee gone mad... cuz me and her haven eaten breakfast and were about to die of hungerness..... hahahhahha finally pics....



walah!!!! beautiful rite... i got do my job ok... i did lazz around.. well i did for a while... see me and my fren doin our job...

and we finally finish our last rooma nd we were able to lepak around... so we went down to meet with our frens... this is the advantage of doing stuff under kak zahila cuz she finish everything fast..... =) so we went to 2nd floor and saw milan shampooing the carpet.. does he look like kishen????

so me and patricia enjoy the fun too of shampooing the carpet..

the machine is super heavy and hard to handle.... and that milan can juz handle it with ease wei... and so we finish work and we have a group pic section with the staffs of housekeeping of ritz garden hotel...

p/s: i help fiona to clean the ahem ahem floor.. hahahha AGAIN!!! we actually meet up at the same floor and enjoy watching the gals in the room waiting for their next customer... ok ok i think u will understand wat i mean... tat all folks and and my uncle from the states is back!!!! =)

gonna see him 2 nite and i cant wait to tell my stories to joy, winson, justin, yee cheong, ashley and the rest.... i bet they would say i need COUNSELING!!!! =P

Thursday, February 19, 2009

look look look im in the freaking star newspaper!!!! =)
am i famous?? nope dream on
wanna know more shall read yesterdays star in the education page
im in the newspaper!!!!
me and my frens were in the newspaper =D
2 day class was ubberly fun althought till the end i slept in class while front office class was on...
wat do u aspect that the day b4 im suffering from insomnia due to a game in cc
yes yes yes and im addicted to it is called
left 4 dead=L4D!!!!
gonna play with mua college frens 2 moro during lunch and i cant wait to bang bang bang!!!! calson!!!! hahahaha
and im getting a guitar... a semi acoustic guitar and budget will be 500 bucks... uncle is getting for my and my uncle is from germany
while uncle justin is finding for me a good i mean a very good acoustic guitar =)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Hellllooooo....... *opening the door* i juz got back from my movie session with my college mates.. hmmm only me, fiona and patricia went cuz n ic got sick and bih tong... ok shall not talked bout her. we watch the curious case of benjamin button... was kinda bored la in the begining but as it heading to the ending is nice... is a highly recomanded movie to watch ppl =)

oh yeah yesterday presentation was ok la... i got tongue tied when i almost gonna finish... *screw myself* nut i manage to do it denit was off to main convent for their cf meeting... oooooooo i saw christine and becky and and some from cop =) ubber miss them so much and when becky saw me we were like 2 crazy ppl who had not seen for ages... hohhohoh

i love mc 's cf meeting.. they were super good... gonna go there again sometimes later.. ooooo i got my foundation not the revlon but a malaysian brand which is silkygirl... hmmmm nvm im out of cash and my dad still owes me 20 bucks now...

my hair is getting longer and it gonna be emo style again... love that byes peeps... gotta do my assignment now =)

promises were meant to be broken
u always do...

Sunday, February 15, 2009


i had a wonderful time chatting with my church frens and they really do can joke alot... for the pass one week there lots of things that happen and hey they are all crap... =) that is wat we usually do... 1st of all this happen during winson's birthday in persanjung greentown.. here the convosation between andrew and the rest of us...

joy: ehh... andrew how do u keep your face so clean???
andrew: i used mascara....
*pause* *silents* and everyone started laughing very loud don even care if there are ppl around..
joy: oi!!! andrew u know mascara if for the eye lash or not??? u used mascara to wash your face??
andrew: ehhhhh~ no no no is mask!!! i used mask not mascara
justin: that sounds so wrong for u using mascara...

hahahhaha that was super funny u should have juz see andrew's face when he said that with full confidence.. and there was another convosation between me and justin while i was driving in the car....

judee: eh~ L driver... lembu
justin: wow!!! look at his face... full of concentration.. i wonder y u don put the N sticker
judee: wat N la... where got one
justin: got N for noob... special for u only
judee: wat the... where got noob la...
justin: they gave u wrong one la... should not have give u P which stands for professional...
judee: i where got say im professional la... they should have also gave u B lo
justin: whats with the B for... ah~~~~ i know B E S T!!!
judee: NO~~~ since when i say is B E S T??? is B A B O O N!!!!
justin: like that la...
judee: yes like tat lo =P

hahahhaha super funny rite??? well to me is and mayb to u guys not so... there are lots more well i will type when im free... now my allergy is back and its kinda annoys me... muz i eat medicine???? i don want la!!! ish ish ish and and i cant wait for wednesday... i will be watching 2 movies in one day.. one is with my college mates and the other is with my church gang... shall wait for replies cuz justin is planning the movie... i think??? hahahha ok ok byezzzzzzzzzz =)

Saturday, February 14, 2009


I had a wonderful velentine in jj hahahha was super jam le
and a fren got me this ring which was on my finger
anyway was in jj the whole day and i want the revlon foundation...
darling buy for me =)
oh yeah i got myself the enlarge pupil contact lens... lol waiting for its arrival now... and i still haven wear the scaft that u got for me la darling... lol muz wear with u only can le =P

Friday, February 13, 2009

loving my life


hahaha celebrated ducky win's birthday in persanjung in greentown... now our new style of celebrating b day which is mamak style... hahaha kinda good too =) more pics in facebook i malas to upload all la...

went out yum cha 2 day with bih tong, reeve and fiona... it was kinda weird cuz i don know wat to say.... it juz feel awkward la that all.. after yum cha went to reeve's house i slept cuz i ate med hahahhah but still i feel dizzy... fetch bih tong to her house and i receive this..

hahahha cute le is mine is mine =) btw there are some misscommunication between me and some frens... errrrr wat is goin on with anderson ppl???? for out of sudden eric said he wants a teddie bear cuz jet gave one to his gf.... wat is goin on la??? anyway i love this teddie bear!!!!!

judee <3>

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


so so sorry for abandoning this blog =S i have been ubberly busy with assignments and all beside yum cha session with my frens.... i watched underworld 3 with justin, winson, jason and rebecca and this show was a dissapointment cuz in the end i concluded tat he is not hot and he has hairy tummy which is not 6 pax... hmmmmm i resume goin for cell and sunday service after a month or so of not goin.... allergy is getting worst and im depending on medicine to supress them... ok ok let get back on the track

yesterday me and my college mates went to kellies castle for a field trip... wohoooooo my 1st time and last of goin there.. me, christina and miki was in fiona's car while in miss was suren, alfred and radin... hahahha upon arrival anyway we got lost before reaching kellies and we make patricia to wait for us... =S sorry pat jie!!!! look at kellies castle so beautiful!!!

we made frens with the ticket uncle.. lol we were separated cuz this is part of our presentation so gals head their way and guys buzz off hahahhahha we walked and walked and i kinda love the surrounding area.. but if im offored to stay there.... ahhhhhh NO THANKS!!!! =) camwhore a bit and here are pics for u to drool on

us on the top floor of the castle... fiona, miki, christina, me and patricia... is was super hot lo and it was like burning walking under the sun so we decided to find shelter.... hahahhaha which was back on grounds near the horse stable... me and fiona notice patricia's legs were shinny and so we made a sketch out if it....

SCENE 1.......

FIONA: patricia y your leg so shinny one.... wat did u do to your legs????

PATRICIA: i don know y is it shinny.. don ask me this question.....

SCENE 2....

JUDEE: i think u applyed something la... let me touch eh wait don have wo... but still y so shinny one... jealous le pat jie..

PATRICIA: aiyoh!!!! i don know lo..... i did not apply anything

SCENE 3.....

PATRICIA: im innocent le.... my leg shinny so wat haiyo!!!!!

anyway the moral of the story is no matter how shinny a person legs are we are still best frens forever lol =)

hahahhhah i make a good nonsense story teller le =) so we decided to venture more and more pics at the stairs...

gals rules this stairs but the guys in white destroy it hahahhah *evil laughters* in the end we were exploring the house again and this is wat i did...

lol my artwork and nice shot too.... and so we ended our trip with a group pic in front of the castle.... lol our super tired look... den we were hungry and so we went for banana leaf rice in old town... bih tong, nic and dixon u guys miss the most important part le....

banana leaf rice... judee spotted lipas on her hand and she got sked but good improvement cuz she did not scream =) and i enjoyed the whole trip... hehhehe i brought contact lens cuz mine is gonna finish hahahhhaha so so so i think that all.... btw i finish front office assignment ady weeee~ next will be housekeeping hahahha tata nitez ppl =)

Sunday, February 1, 2009


this is a special post cuz is fiona jie jie birthday...she celebrated her b day in excelsior hotel *i don know how 2 spell la* mind me... anyway it starts at 3 and i no need to drive hahahha dad fetch me there and fiona fetch me back =)

we took pics till my cam was out of order in another meaning the battery kong out =) hahahha bih tong got the feeling of kissing us and she kiss all three of us... anyway if i got pimple i will find u bih tong!!!!

everyone suppose to wear skirt... i wore dress and and someone din wear *pointing fingers at her* CHEONG BIH TONG!!!!! u will kena on your b day...

the unseparatable four of us who have frens for the pass 2 sems =)

judee aka zhe dee, bih tong aka pig tong, fiona aka laser mouth and patricia aka lou ling hahahhah

me and her in the toilet camwhoring.... hahahha when theres judee... sure got lots of pics hahhahha

lol and i enjoyed today and i get to curi makan chicken =) don care la if my allergy is back i got med to tahan juz for today... hahahhaha more pics will be uploaded in facebook... stay tune peeps =)



meet up with my NS buddies in parade... our so called planned and failed outing hahaha cuz those from taiping and sitiawan cant come so is juz us ipoh gang who went which consist of me, khoon teng, huey, wai san and chee yan... it was fun yet stupid outing cuz we were talking non stop =) meet up at kopitiam junction and here are some candids...

this is khoon teng aka fai yan hahahha

huey... im his hamster =)

and mua..... the hamster... hahahha we kinda laugh non stop... oh yea den we even meet up with another ns fren who is working in parade and we call him tank... din know he would remember me... ady one year le anyway we still talked hahahha oh yea something humiliating stuff happen in FOS and i can tell u guys im not goin in again hahahha we were taking pics and suddenly this dude came and say u cannot take pics.... grrrrr

after tat bih tong came and fetch me to fiona's house for pai lin hahahha we got angpow and we even play gambling cards... oooooo i won 5 times in a row... too bad we din gamble with money if not i wil win all their $$$$ lol here are more pics well i will only upload some =)

we had a fabulas day hahahha can consider as blast.... later at night i went to ashley's house for pai lin hahahhaha it was fun to see joy and the rest... but i still don feel like seeing someone at all... anyway they played chor dai dee and i juz watch cuz at that moment i felt dizzy la... don know y but i got this bad headache... gah nvm oh yeah damn me got curfew now... SHIT LA!!! nvm la hehehehe at least got more time to on9 =)
anyway gtg for b day party ady bye peeps =)