Sunday, February 1, 2009


this is a special post cuz is fiona jie jie birthday...she celebrated her b day in excelsior hotel *i don know how 2 spell la* mind me... anyway it starts at 3 and i no need to drive hahahha dad fetch me there and fiona fetch me back =)

we took pics till my cam was out of order in another meaning the battery kong out =) hahahha bih tong got the feeling of kissing us and she kiss all three of us... anyway if i got pimple i will find u bih tong!!!!

everyone suppose to wear skirt... i wore dress and and someone din wear *pointing fingers at her* CHEONG BIH TONG!!!!! u will kena on your b day...

the unseparatable four of us who have frens for the pass 2 sems =)

judee aka zhe dee, bih tong aka pig tong, fiona aka laser mouth and patricia aka lou ling hahahhah

me and her in the toilet camwhoring.... hahahha when theres judee... sure got lots of pics hahhahha

lol and i enjoyed today and i get to curi makan chicken =) don care la if my allergy is back i got med to tahan juz for today... hahahhaha more pics will be uploaded in facebook... stay tune peeps =)


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