Friday, February 27, 2009


ahhhhhhhh.... ok ok i really get sick of playing this game ady... went to imax with nic, dixon and shadow to play L4D again... hahahhha at 1st bersemangat but soon i got this bad headache and it really kills.... i did camwhore in cc hahahha oh yeah me and nic wore the same pink strip shirt =)

see everyone playing dead serious =S

y am i so free in the middle of the game??? cuz im dead!!!! look

hahahhah i was being a noob player =) so i enjoyed being dead and taking pics... more pics of the day

my face damn big lo... fat liau!!!!!!! i need to lose weight!! hahahhah ok ok currently juz finish housekeeping assignment =)

2 down 2 more to go!!!!!!!!!!!! =)

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