Thursday, February 19, 2009

look look look im in the freaking star newspaper!!!! =)
am i famous?? nope dream on
wanna know more shall read yesterdays star in the education page
im in the newspaper!!!!
me and my frens were in the newspaper =D
2 day class was ubberly fun althought till the end i slept in class while front office class was on...
wat do u aspect that the day b4 im suffering from insomnia due to a game in cc
yes yes yes and im addicted to it is called
left 4 dead=L4D!!!!
gonna play with mua college frens 2 moro during lunch and i cant wait to bang bang bang!!!! calson!!!! hahahaha
and im getting a guitar... a semi acoustic guitar and budget will be 500 bucks... uncle is getting for my and my uncle is from germany
while uncle justin is finding for me a good i mean a very good acoustic guitar =)

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