Friday, February 13, 2009

loving my life


hahaha celebrated ducky win's birthday in persanjung in greentown... now our new style of celebrating b day which is mamak style... hahaha kinda good too =) more pics in facebook i malas to upload all la...

went out yum cha 2 day with bih tong, reeve and fiona... it was kinda weird cuz i don know wat to say.... it juz feel awkward la that all.. after yum cha went to reeve's house i slept cuz i ate med hahahhah but still i feel dizzy... fetch bih tong to her house and i receive this..

hahahha cute le is mine is mine =) btw there are some misscommunication between me and some frens... errrrr wat is goin on with anderson ppl???? for out of sudden eric said he wants a teddie bear cuz jet gave one to his gf.... wat is goin on la??? anyway i love this teddie bear!!!!!

judee <3>

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