Sunday, February 1, 2009


meet up with my NS buddies in parade... our so called planned and failed outing hahaha cuz those from taiping and sitiawan cant come so is juz us ipoh gang who went which consist of me, khoon teng, huey, wai san and chee yan... it was fun yet stupid outing cuz we were talking non stop =) meet up at kopitiam junction and here are some candids...

this is khoon teng aka fai yan hahahha

huey... im his hamster =)

and mua..... the hamster... hahahha we kinda laugh non stop... oh yea den we even meet up with another ns fren who is working in parade and we call him tank... din know he would remember me... ady one year le anyway we still talked hahahha oh yea something humiliating stuff happen in FOS and i can tell u guys im not goin in again hahahha we were taking pics and suddenly this dude came and say u cannot take pics.... grrrrr

after tat bih tong came and fetch me to fiona's house for pai lin hahahha we got angpow and we even play gambling cards... oooooo i won 5 times in a row... too bad we din gamble with money if not i wil win all their $$$$ lol here are more pics well i will only upload some =)

we had a fabulas day hahahha can consider as blast.... later at night i went to ashley's house for pai lin hahahhaha it was fun to see joy and the rest... but i still don feel like seeing someone at all... anyway they played chor dai dee and i juz watch cuz at that moment i felt dizzy la... don know y but i got this bad headache... gah nvm oh yeah damn me got curfew now... SHIT LA!!! nvm la hehehehe at least got more time to on9 =)
anyway gtg for b day party ady bye peeps =)

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