Saturday, March 28, 2009


this movie was taken in genting where justin was the guitarist, winson as bassist, yee cheong as drummer and weng kin as the lead singer.... it is super hilarious till u cant stop laughing =D seriously cuz i cant even stop laughing myself... even till now =)

anyway this is like my very 1st video posted on my blog... wee~~~ dint know i can do it... hahahha ok ok don call me noob pls.... yesterday me, joy and winson went and visit my grandma in the nursing home and after tat was mcd... ho ho ho mcd again... the fei zai's united president aka winson ate like 2 burgers, coke and a refilled one, medium fries and a sundae cone.... woah~~~~ really alot le and i cant even finish mine =S... anyway after that was my most wanted moment of all...

TA KEI!!!!!!!!

me and kimberly went and play left 4 dead in imax behind jj and we saw boomer kill itself by walking into the fire... we juz seat comfortly on our chairs and laugh non stop... and it was kimberly's 1st time being dead as a survivor.... ho ho ho anyway it was a fun game tat we had... tat all folks =) stay tune for more


Thursday, March 26, 2009


during english class we played boogle and in this game confirmed im blind and brainless... why did i said tat??? well i cannot see the words la and i manage 2 get more den 10 words in one game out of 10 we played... grrrrrr this proved how blind and brainless ady....

so we had beef noodle for lunch and off for housekeeping class... putting on the happy face, cuz class finish rite after tat althought we lepak for some time there b4 knowing tat our lecturer is on mc *showing the yes expression* =)

im strumming my husband now and my fingers hurt man... dead hurt =( i din know strumming the guitar hurts alot but i love listening to the strumming so why not???

ohhhhhhh i saw a rainbow 2 day =)

but the sky is brown..... neh nvm and and my dog is a big poser today....

fat pig posing for the freaking camera for the 1st time =) anyway im tired will update more soon like when im here.... =) ADIOUS!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


i don know wat to write as my title... all i know i have been really relax and enjoying the crap out of me... well let see... yesterday me and my college mates and also my lecturer decided to go on a show house hunting spree... well obviously is for our housekeeping subject cuz we need to see the wall covering.. yada yada.... well this time is patricia's turn to drive seems fiona drove for the kellies castle and me for the gunung lang retreat... hmmm there's an advise for those who is gonna drive... miss is a scary driver!!!!!!! she can juz break anytime and is really scary... so stay a distance away from her car =)

anyway patricia's car had the gentle touch *well not so gentle i think????* on miss kelisa... hahahhah we got shock while miss was laughing all the way =D anyway in conclusion we did not see any show houses but we had lunch in mcd... woah~~~~ slumber only eat lunch there =)

anyway no pics cuz SI RADIN * sem 1* took my memory card of my sony camera and he was absent cuz he attended his cousin wedding in Kl.... jezzzzzzz but i will be getting it back soon... judee without camera really can die le... went out yum cha with winson, joy and kimberly... we went to the mamak near kim's house and it was super funny cuz we were talking nonsense... well at some point it make sense a bit la... went back quite late =S

2 day for english class... we decided to play mastermind... ok i really got low IQ or EQ watever u wanna call... i cannot solved it till its gonna finish.. man even kailash know's how... obviously with the help of the rest la... we have been playing lots of boardgames for our english lesson... very relaxng rite... but i still love playing with scrabbles... ahahhah our next will be boggle that making words thingy... hmmm i wanna go that kl one day trip by train... hmmmm go or not to go but my dad don let me go.... hmmm shall persuade my dad 2 nite cuz 2 moro we will be goin to purchase the tickets...

i think tat all la... anyway here is some random pics wat i was doin in class... or shall i say fiona did on my paper while i was away....

there is no jude la.... btw that is BAWANG BOY and BAWANG GIRL... ehhh im not even a bawang.....

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


as 2 day is a no class day and it is school holiday for those who are in f6... upper 6 meaning... i was out with my fren... my ns fren... we were too bored so we went jj and watch dragonball... hmmmm interesting cuz that movie is worth watching... is funny and nice but the most depressing one is it only last for 1 hour plus....

anyway i brought 2 new shirts and there goes my money... hmmmmm but is worth it lo... is better den me buying anoher pair of shoes... some ppl know tat im crazy after shoes and according to some i can open a shoe shop.... hahahah but nope im not gonna sell all my babies =)

yesterday b4 goin to bed i did my quiet time in my room... i was praying for my grandma and i started crying... i shared everything to god and i really feel that the burdance has gone... this is because i surrender everything to him and is all in his hands... although i show a happy face to everyone but deep inside me im sad..

yesterday after dinner i decided to visit my grandma seems i have not visited her 2 days.. while i was there i called her but she couldn'e recognise me at all =( she keep on asking who am i when the room is bright inside... i really felt sad at that very moment and i really cant say anything.. i keep on repeating tat who am i to my grandma but she juz cannot remember me...

she cant really talked tat good like last time and she is having difficuilty in breathing... i wanted to shared but she was gonna sleep so i decided to drive back... while i was in the car i was thinking that it is only 2 days and juz like tat her memory had fade... while driving i begun to shed tear but with strong faith i hold it in and started to prayed... this is really the 1st time im doin all this... well now is all in God's hands and im sure that my grandma will be save and i hope she can see the light in me...


Sunday, March 15, 2009


ho ho ho it has been a very long time i did not update my blog... SORRY!!! accept my apology please... =) hahahha ok ok went genting with my church gang and it was really enjoying... pics in facebook if u have a facebook...

im still addicted to L4D and it will go away =) btw it has been a weekly activity for me and my frens after cell and also after youth and band practice.. im still sick and i DON WANNA DRIVE!!!!!! fetch me fetch me around =(

theres lots of bad things that is happening to me and i don wanna describe bout it... ppl who know me should know wat im goin through.... and weng kin

THERE IS NOTHING BETWEEN ME AND J!!! i shall kill cheah keng yang for this cuz i heard the whole gang knows bout me... SHOOOT!!!!!!! oh yeah i ate mcd today =)

and im not short cuz im wearing joy's heels wakakakka look my feet fits into her heels perfectly... we can share heels together =)

suka suka sangat... i finish my assignments and all and now is time to get ready for FINALS!!!! hmmmmm let see how but 1st the kl one day trip =) im looking towards it


winson chee ada blog wei... fei zai united ada blog wei hahahha and since when im zhu pah gang?????

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


my beloved sony erricson w595 has been stolen.... arrrr!!!!!!! im sad im depressed and im so freaking mad of myself for not taking care of my stuffs... i juz want my handphone back... is all gone and is all over... no more molesting my phone and calling it my baby...

ahhhhhhhh~~~~~ don worry ppl i am gonna cancel my this card and i wont be changing my num... i will using the same one =)

don talked to me how i lost my phone... well juz one sentence i freaking think tat i lost it in inet cybercafe!!!!!!!!!! but i still resume playing my L4D...... my carelessness leads to missing of my beloved phone =(

bye ppl... im currently gonna be busy doin my assignments and wont be updating tat much... thx to calson, nic and the rest who have make me happy back... but JUDEE IS STILL FREAKING EMO!!!!!!!!!