Saturday, March 28, 2009


this movie was taken in genting where justin was the guitarist, winson as bassist, yee cheong as drummer and weng kin as the lead singer.... it is super hilarious till u cant stop laughing =D seriously cuz i cant even stop laughing myself... even till now =)

anyway this is like my very 1st video posted on my blog... wee~~~ dint know i can do it... hahahha ok ok don call me noob pls.... yesterday me, joy and winson went and visit my grandma in the nursing home and after tat was mcd... ho ho ho mcd again... the fei zai's united president aka winson ate like 2 burgers, coke and a refilled one, medium fries and a sundae cone.... woah~~~~ really alot le and i cant even finish mine =S... anyway after that was my most wanted moment of all...

TA KEI!!!!!!!!

me and kimberly went and play left 4 dead in imax behind jj and we saw boomer kill itself by walking into the fire... we juz seat comfortly on our chairs and laugh non stop... and it was kimberly's 1st time being dead as a survivor.... ho ho ho anyway it was a fun game tat we had... tat all folks =) stay tune for more


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