Tuesday, March 3, 2009


my beloved sony erricson w595 has been stolen.... arrrr!!!!!!! im sad im depressed and im so freaking mad of myself for not taking care of my stuffs... i juz want my handphone back... is all gone and is all over... no more molesting my phone and calling it my baby...

ahhhhhhhh~~~~~ don worry ppl i am gonna cancel my this card and i wont be changing my num... i will using the same one =)

don talked to me how i lost my phone... well juz one sentence i freaking think tat i lost it in inet cybercafe!!!!!!!!!! but i still resume playing my L4D...... my carelessness leads to missing of my beloved phone =(

bye ppl... im currently gonna be busy doin my assignments and wont be updating tat much... thx to calson, nic and the rest who have make me happy back... but JUDEE IS STILL FREAKING EMO!!!!!!!!!

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