Sunday, March 15, 2009


ho ho ho it has been a very long time i did not update my blog... SORRY!!! accept my apology please... =) hahahha ok ok went genting with my church gang and it was really enjoying... pics in facebook if u have a facebook...

im still addicted to L4D and it will go away =) btw it has been a weekly activity for me and my frens after cell and also after youth and band practice.. im still sick and i DON WANNA DRIVE!!!!!! fetch me fetch me around =(

theres lots of bad things that is happening to me and i don wanna describe bout it... ppl who know me should know wat im goin through.... and weng kin

THERE IS NOTHING BETWEEN ME AND J!!! i shall kill cheah keng yang for this cuz i heard the whole gang knows bout me... SHOOOT!!!!!!! oh yeah i ate mcd today =)

and im not short cuz im wearing joy's heels wakakakka look my feet fits into her heels perfectly... we can share heels together =)

suka suka sangat... i finish my assignments and all and now is time to get ready for FINALS!!!! hmmmmm let see how but 1st the kl one day trip =) im looking towards it


winson chee ada blog wei... fei zai united ada blog wei hahahha and since when im zhu pah gang?????

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