Monday, April 27, 2009


waiting for 2 moro as is my last 2 more papers and im kinda scared... well with God i know i can win this battle with victory =) as weng kin said my BLOG is not infected at all... i ahve no idea wat to do juz to make this blog feel more infected... yes yes to make it more infected i shall put pics from L4D =)

look is smoker... i wonder this represent who.... hmmmmm

is fei zai BOOMER!!! burp burp burp hmmmm does this look like someone??? obviously not me ok.... im boonmo not boomer... see the difference???? and i got new name waboonboon hahahhaha =)

ini hunter... errrr i don know wat to say bout it....

this is tanker... well if u get to play this character remember juz KILL hahaha u might not know when u get this charater but when i got this i enjoy punching the survivors lol

look is the witch... hahah don interupt her man if not she will juz kill u... lol as i am an innocent player i got killed by her lots of time cuz i did not disturb her... sobz sobz anyway juz watch out when there is a witch... hehehhe

ok look see how addictive can i be in l4d??? well is a nice game but u will get bored soon but i don cuz the ppl i play with is making the whole game fun... besides screaming at me saying i play SOLO~~~~ which i did not!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

after exams im so gonna play =)


i wanna play with yee cheong and weng kin.... so i don get kill again like so many times when playing with andrew... grrrrrrrrrr

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I know it has been a long time i have not been blogging... oh well this is a very very short post... EXAMS ARE JUZ AROUND THE CORNER~~~~~~
im here to say hi and bye =) hahahah stressing out now anyway im feeling doubtful bout the course i have choosen.... mum ask me so wanna go for pharmacies???? it is not too late to change =S
anyway my shoulder hurts due to some accident tat happen while playing ball... something minor la... well i wont be blogging again for like super long =) bye bye peepz and and bye bloggie

Monday, April 6, 2009


on saturday me and my college mates went to kl by train... hmmmm it was indeed a tiring trip but it still ok for me la.. cuz i get to shop cant really shop like a shophaholic but still can shop la... here are some pics taken in the train...

not gonna post tat much pics... when we finally reach kl we sat KTM??? or watever u called hahahhah im being a BOON here.. mind me =) yo mid valley and we ate korean dishes for our lunch.. i ate BI BIM BUP...and ther cutleries is so nice

i had a satisfying meal =) and so we went shop window shopping for some but for me i manage to buy something... i wanna buy this top but i was feeling doubtful in buying it or not so conclusion i did not!!!! hmmmm nvm.. we actually walked till at one point i cannot walked at all cuz got nothing for me to buy ady... so we hang around at the food court and take more pics

when it was finally time for us to say goodbye to kl.. we actually took a pic together on the way to the ktm

well when we arrive it was kinda full so we juz waited for the next train and guess wat we juz enjoy taking pics for fun... we don even care ppl were actually looking at us..

and so it was late and everyone was tired but i still bersemangat to take pics..

i like this effect =) is like superb for me and as for others.... i don know la and so i wanna try emo-ing... well this si a pic of me emo-ing with my hoodie

haha mission failed 101.. i shall not emo anymore =)

oh yeah my guitar string putus la 2 day... but i manage to change it =) hmmmmm i don wanna break more strings.....