Monday, April 27, 2009


waiting for 2 moro as is my last 2 more papers and im kinda scared... well with God i know i can win this battle with victory =) as weng kin said my BLOG is not infected at all... i ahve no idea wat to do juz to make this blog feel more infected... yes yes to make it more infected i shall put pics from L4D =)

look is smoker... i wonder this represent who.... hmmmmm

is fei zai BOOMER!!! burp burp burp hmmmm does this look like someone??? obviously not me ok.... im boonmo not boomer... see the difference???? and i got new name waboonboon hahahhaha =)

ini hunter... errrr i don know wat to say bout it....

this is tanker... well if u get to play this character remember juz KILL hahaha u might not know when u get this charater but when i got this i enjoy punching the survivors lol

look is the witch... hahah don interupt her man if not she will juz kill u... lol as i am an innocent player i got killed by her lots of time cuz i did not disturb her... sobz sobz anyway juz watch out when there is a witch... hehehhe

ok look see how addictive can i be in l4d??? well is a nice game but u will get bored soon but i don cuz the ppl i play with is making the whole game fun... besides screaming at me saying i play SOLO~~~~ which i did not!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol

after exams im so gonna play =)


i wanna play with yee cheong and weng kin.... so i don get kill again like so many times when playing with andrew... grrrrrrrrrr

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