Saturday, May 30, 2009

yesterday was really the most tiring day for me... i only slept for 4 hours and still standing till 9 something at night.. morning at 5 something woke up fetch kimberly to mc to promote the camp.. both of us super semangat reach there *can hear mosquitoes flying around* the conversation went like tat..

judee: eh kim where is everyone la???
kimberly: i don know
judee: eh u sure got ppl go to school as it is a day b4 holiday... no cars at all also
kimberly: i know and no teacher's car le and the jaga also not here
judee: is scary la only my car is in your school *looking around for students*
kimberly: yeah la is scary le... and its still dark... what happens no one comes??
judee: NO!!!!!!

hahahha in the end there is and we walked and waiting.. see see the morning prayers starts at 7... im looking at kimberly and said this "u know ar i can sleep longer" hmmm nvm this is for God =) after that went mcd and have breakfast man i cannot finish at all but i ta pau back home and i cant even sleep at all... reach home like 8 40 am and i need to get ready for class at 10

class till 3 and it was rest time for me b4 i went and meet up with william in mcd *the same freaking place i went for breakfast* i ate sundae cone and he treat me =) thank u william.... went home i thought i can jus sleep like tat but but i cant cuz dad ask me to on the computer and skype with my uncle in germany.. hmmm dengan muka sleepy i on the computer and do watever i can...

justin called me but i din picked up as i was skyping and den i called back him... well nothing much...

today i had lunch with my childhood fren name yee sue... i even invited justin to have lunch and get to know my fren too... it was fun and me being bullied again... gosh!!! after lunch me and my fren went to lala land... and i love this shoe and some tops but i got no money.... no~~~~ anyway i got no money so cannot buy la

haih... i booked united latest album =) now im waiting for money so i can take the album back home... im waiting....

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

stressed up

assignment due dates are juz around the corner and im rushing to finish them b4 camp starts... theres lots of thing that have been happening and i do not wanna share through here... im frustrated and sad too

after sharing out i feel much more better now and thank u so much for being my ear to listen all my sadness... im glad that you were there for me =) anyway i wont be updating that much now... have to finish assignments and also handle some stuff.. judee is ubberly BUZY~~~~

anyway some random pics that i took... my dog has a new blankie... and boy she don let me touch it as she will do the growling noise... stupid pampered dog

i bring you more than a song

i bring you more than a song

more than a song =)
u took my sadness away
and filled it with joy
thank you so much
my gor =)

Monday, May 18, 2009

I MISS....

i feel like drinking....
give me a cup of tequila,vodka or anything
im craving for alcoholic drinks...
even beer will do =)

i know im not suppose to drink but who cares...
hahahha i sound so not me here
i miss wine too

i mau minum sampai puas hati ku..

oh yeah i got beer in my fridge should i go a head or

whisky *jack daniels*????



weeee~~~ yesterday in church we have our youth photography session... wat do we do??? everyone take photo la.... ok im trying hard to be lame... anyways shall let the pics to the talking...

let me present u winson chee's cell

joy's cell which were all gals..

and lastly justin's cell * the cekap gang* =)

oh well we are indeed one big happy family =)

after that was MCD for lunch... hmmmmm gotta stop eating MCD hahahah anyway i wont even finish my meal so ppl help me went takei and it was not fun at all... NOT FUN!!!!!!!!! jezzzzzzzz going again later with kim as both of us not satisfied at all

btw this is quoted by kylie...


so today for me is a FIEN day.... was in one room like being quarantine from H1N1 virus hahahha actually was not la MQA kinda goes ok for me, patricia and fiona... STUPID SUREN!!!!!!! where on earth are u when we need u to charm the person asking us....

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


went ta kei again... ok i really gotta stop all this unproductive things... it came to a conclusion that is wasting money and its wasting time... why not do something more useful like bonding moments with my husband whom everyone harrested... yeah my guitar i think is time for me to spend more time with my guitar now den goin ta kei...

it was the 1st b day celebration that we celebrated in kopitiam... ussually is our tradition that we celebrate it in mamak.. hahahah so cheap rite but this time we are rich so we went kopitiam instead... lol

but b4 reaching there i know i said something bad... my bad i was not in a very good mood and i was having this bad headache.. worst comes to worst u triggered my angry side =(.. i cant control so is my bad SORRY *heads all down*


we did have fun errrr besides where we were sitting was super duper warm....

present u princess wendy=weng kin, princess jasmin=justin and princess abigail=andrew hahahhaha

and whats more funny frenz cafe din open ahhhhhhhh andrew cannot find his ji mui's... sad case hahahah

ending now im having super tired eyes.. i need more rest =( dahlah insomnia ish~~~~~

Monday, May 11, 2009


sorry for the late post... i was kinda busy and hence i did not on9 at all... i was totally out the whole day yesterday and well im getting old wei... i feel nausea during dinner time.... ok ok back to business

happy mother's day mummy

you are my best mum in the whole wide world... eventhough i did not celebrate with u this year but im happy that i got to talked with u on the phone =) anyway is kinda depressing when is mother's day and your mum is not there with you... what make it more worst when u see other ppl is celebrating with their own mums... if i have a wish now is that i WANT MY MUM TO COME BACK~~~~


ok this is wat i did in church... im taking advantage of that big mirror again =S

oh well went dinner with kim and guess what the sunset that we saw really amazed us... it was the most beautiful sunset that we saw....

we went to breez cafe for dinner and man the live band suck to the max... we called uncle whether he is free and he said after 9.. he ask us where were we i said breeze cafe he ended up saying what!!!! frenz cafe??? oh no man.... but we ended up in kfc for talking session... =) did i feel much better??? am i still holding grudge in my heart???? i really don know at all =(

Saturday, May 9, 2009


have u ever wonder how family member can be so annoying??? this even included your relatives and boy im so sure that u will agree with me rite???? let me plot out a story line which is a true story...

there was once a girl who went and fetch a friend of her's from a bus station and she just left her food on her table.. but once when she was back her relatives question her and in conclusion this was what her relative said...

" the bus station is a very convinient place to get a taxi why cant your friend go take a taxi instead of asking you to fetch??"

the girl answered

" i wanted to fetched so i fetch ok"

but the relative of her's keeps on questioning till this girl got so pissed off and walked away... why is it hard for this relative to understand that doing good for a friend???? does she have to control on who a person have to fetch???

is she the one playing for the petrol???? come on la is very annoying and im super frustrated that why cant this ppl leave me alone for once??? cant they see im doin a good deed???? must i really ask permission from anyone to allow me to do something???? hello im ady a big girl and stop telling me this and that

thank God that i got someone to guide me and advise me =) im glad to have friends that care and not those who backstab *literally don wanna mention who*

thats all i guess maybe i will be antisocial for a few days maybe i will be screaming my heads off at my own dog or mayb i shall juz talk to ppl who are really close and tat i can trust * i ady know who to share* =) only one person tat i will share....

"memandang wajahmu
mengikui kebaikanmu
mengejar hadirmu
dalam hidupku
membawa sembahku
menyatakan kebesaranmu
mengejar hadirmu
dalam hidupku"

Thursday, May 7, 2009


yesterday me and my church frens went for a movie... we watched X-men and it was a superduper awesome movie... although i have a rough time b4 goin for the movie but to tell honestly my feelings was like burning charcoal those turning into ashes... imagine how hot was it???? yeah tat was my feelings something happen which i don think is suitable to write it in here....

after movie me, kimberly, justin, weng kin and andrew went for yum cha at nasmir.... ok watched wwe with the women singing or should i say screaming like mad... and then it was back home...

ok 2 day was kinda a rough day for me... shall not say wat happen but i was really damn pissed lo~~~~ PUNTUALITY IS REALLY IMPORTANT!!!!! well after 2 rounds of left 4 dead and i got killed by tank for the two maps is not cool lo.... ish~~~ somemore last stage... ahhhhhhhh and one thing i did not SOLO...

i did said this tat i shall not forgive ppl... i really feel tat there is no point of forgiving them as it will happen again... how will i know tat it will happen or it will not happen??? well is 6th sense... i really don know la... i juz do not want it to happen again...


Monday, May 4, 2009


exams are finally over but i still have to go college for my HND classes... i was eventually planning to start during august but due to the certificate difference GAH~~~~ shall go for it.. if not i would be happily in singapore with my mum.... screw u diploma course...

anyway bro and mum was back for the weekend... weeee means no need to drive but in the end i did drive.... i saw my bro new hp damn suka padanya wei~~~~

is the samsung touchscreen phone... ahhhhh~~~~ i want one too but anyway i pass cuz he got me a psp =) im so freaking happy for tat but soon this happiness did not last cuz i don even have time to play... have to start with assignments but thank God im only taking 2 subs not all 4... is not me being lazy is juz tat my time is too pack....

have lots of fun tiome with my mum and bro... cant wait for them for the next time they are coming back... speaking of driving... i think my love for driving is back again... but at some point im too tired tat i don feel like driving hence FETCH ME!!!!!

yesterday was like whole day of driving for me... fetch justin and weng kin for breakfast b4 goin church... ho ho ho i did not finish my food at all and so there goes my sausage mcmuffin with egg to them... once finish everything in church we went out lunch at tasty place but the guys have some 2nd session with uncle don...

*buak muka depressing* cuz cannot go ta kei with the guys but i manage to play with yee cheong hahahah drove to east to ta kei and back to pasir puteh area to send joy and kylie to church where winson is waiting and there me loading my car with lugages... the lugages was justin, weng kin and andrew.... drove to east and to bercharm and den only i reach home.... bed time for me =) hahahha

i did sleep im not a pig im juz tired..... conclusion im not gonna drive next week =) class 2 day was errrrrrr shall skip on tat part.. after class 2 day was out again to run some error and i brought a new jeans and also black pants... weee~~~~~ and i even booked a cardigen... money is spending like water again hahaha =) shophaholic is back

cant wait for wednesday.. gonna watch x men so stay tune for more updates =)