Saturday, May 9, 2009


have u ever wonder how family member can be so annoying??? this even included your relatives and boy im so sure that u will agree with me rite???? let me plot out a story line which is a true story...

there was once a girl who went and fetch a friend of her's from a bus station and she just left her food on her table.. but once when she was back her relatives question her and in conclusion this was what her relative said...

" the bus station is a very convinient place to get a taxi why cant your friend go take a taxi instead of asking you to fetch??"

the girl answered

" i wanted to fetched so i fetch ok"

but the relative of her's keeps on questioning till this girl got so pissed off and walked away... why is it hard for this relative to understand that doing good for a friend???? does she have to control on who a person have to fetch???

is she the one playing for the petrol???? come on la is very annoying and im super frustrated that why cant this ppl leave me alone for once??? cant they see im doin a good deed???? must i really ask permission from anyone to allow me to do something???? hello im ady a big girl and stop telling me this and that

thank God that i got someone to guide me and advise me =) im glad to have friends that care and not those who backstab *literally don wanna mention who*

thats all i guess maybe i will be antisocial for a few days maybe i will be screaming my heads off at my own dog or mayb i shall juz talk to ppl who are really close and tat i can trust * i ady know who to share* =) only one person tat i will share....

"memandang wajahmu
mengikui kebaikanmu
mengejar hadirmu
dalam hidupku
membawa sembahku
menyatakan kebesaranmu
mengejar hadirmu
dalam hidupku"

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