Monday, May 11, 2009


sorry for the late post... i was kinda busy and hence i did not on9 at all... i was totally out the whole day yesterday and well im getting old wei... i feel nausea during dinner time.... ok ok back to business

happy mother's day mummy

you are my best mum in the whole wide world... eventhough i did not celebrate with u this year but im happy that i got to talked with u on the phone =) anyway is kinda depressing when is mother's day and your mum is not there with you... what make it more worst when u see other ppl is celebrating with their own mums... if i have a wish now is that i WANT MY MUM TO COME BACK~~~~


ok this is wat i did in church... im taking advantage of that big mirror again =S

oh well went dinner with kim and guess what the sunset that we saw really amazed us... it was the most beautiful sunset that we saw....

we went to breez cafe for dinner and man the live band suck to the max... we called uncle whether he is free and he said after 9.. he ask us where were we i said breeze cafe he ended up saying what!!!! frenz cafe??? oh no man.... but we ended up in kfc for talking session... =) did i feel much better??? am i still holding grudge in my heart???? i really don know at all =(

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