Monday, May 4, 2009


exams are finally over but i still have to go college for my HND classes... i was eventually planning to start during august but due to the certificate difference GAH~~~~ shall go for it.. if not i would be happily in singapore with my mum.... screw u diploma course...

anyway bro and mum was back for the weekend... weeee means no need to drive but in the end i did drive.... i saw my bro new hp damn suka padanya wei~~~~

is the samsung touchscreen phone... ahhhhh~~~~ i want one too but anyway i pass cuz he got me a psp =) im so freaking happy for tat but soon this happiness did not last cuz i don even have time to play... have to start with assignments but thank God im only taking 2 subs not all 4... is not me being lazy is juz tat my time is too pack....

have lots of fun tiome with my mum and bro... cant wait for them for the next time they are coming back... speaking of driving... i think my love for driving is back again... but at some point im too tired tat i don feel like driving hence FETCH ME!!!!!

yesterday was like whole day of driving for me... fetch justin and weng kin for breakfast b4 goin church... ho ho ho i did not finish my food at all and so there goes my sausage mcmuffin with egg to them... once finish everything in church we went out lunch at tasty place but the guys have some 2nd session with uncle don...

*buak muka depressing* cuz cannot go ta kei with the guys but i manage to play with yee cheong hahahah drove to east to ta kei and back to pasir puteh area to send joy and kylie to church where winson is waiting and there me loading my car with lugages... the lugages was justin, weng kin and andrew.... drove to east and to bercharm and den only i reach home.... bed time for me =) hahahha

i did sleep im not a pig im juz tired..... conclusion im not gonna drive next week =) class 2 day was errrrrrr shall skip on tat part.. after class 2 day was out again to run some error and i brought a new jeans and also black pants... weee~~~~~ and i even booked a cardigen... money is spending like water again hahaha =) shophaholic is back

cant wait for wednesday.. gonna watch x men so stay tune for more updates =)

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