Wednesday, May 27, 2009

stressed up

assignment due dates are juz around the corner and im rushing to finish them b4 camp starts... theres lots of thing that have been happening and i do not wanna share through here... im frustrated and sad too

after sharing out i feel much more better now and thank u so much for being my ear to listen all my sadness... im glad that you were there for me =) anyway i wont be updating that much now... have to finish assignments and also handle some stuff.. judee is ubberly BUZY~~~~

anyway some random pics that i took... my dog has a new blankie... and boy she don let me touch it as she will do the growling noise... stupid pampered dog

i bring you more than a song

i bring you more than a song

more than a song =)
u took my sadness away
and filled it with joy
thank you so much
my gor =)

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