Saturday, May 30, 2009

yesterday was really the most tiring day for me... i only slept for 4 hours and still standing till 9 something at night.. morning at 5 something woke up fetch kimberly to mc to promote the camp.. both of us super semangat reach there *can hear mosquitoes flying around* the conversation went like tat..

judee: eh kim where is everyone la???
kimberly: i don know
judee: eh u sure got ppl go to school as it is a day b4 holiday... no cars at all also
kimberly: i know and no teacher's car le and the jaga also not here
judee: is scary la only my car is in your school *looking around for students*
kimberly: yeah la is scary le... and its still dark... what happens no one comes??
judee: NO!!!!!!

hahahha in the end there is and we walked and waiting.. see see the morning prayers starts at 7... im looking at kimberly and said this "u know ar i can sleep longer" hmmm nvm this is for God =) after that went mcd and have breakfast man i cannot finish at all but i ta pau back home and i cant even sleep at all... reach home like 8 40 am and i need to get ready for class at 10

class till 3 and it was rest time for me b4 i went and meet up with william in mcd *the same freaking place i went for breakfast* i ate sundae cone and he treat me =) thank u william.... went home i thought i can jus sleep like tat but but i cant cuz dad ask me to on the computer and skype with my uncle in germany.. hmmm dengan muka sleepy i on the computer and do watever i can...

justin called me but i din picked up as i was skyping and den i called back him... well nothing much...

today i had lunch with my childhood fren name yee sue... i even invited justin to have lunch and get to know my fren too... it was fun and me being bullied again... gosh!!! after lunch me and my fren went to lala land... and i love this shoe and some tops but i got no money.... no~~~~ anyway i got no money so cannot buy la

haih... i booked united latest album =) now im waiting for money so i can take the album back home... im waiting....

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