Wednesday, May 13, 2009


went ta kei again... ok i really gotta stop all this unproductive things... it came to a conclusion that is wasting money and its wasting time... why not do something more useful like bonding moments with my husband whom everyone harrested... yeah my guitar i think is time for me to spend more time with my guitar now den goin ta kei...

it was the 1st b day celebration that we celebrated in kopitiam... ussually is our tradition that we celebrate it in mamak.. hahahah so cheap rite but this time we are rich so we went kopitiam instead... lol

but b4 reaching there i know i said something bad... my bad i was not in a very good mood and i was having this bad headache.. worst comes to worst u triggered my angry side =(.. i cant control so is my bad SORRY *heads all down*


we did have fun errrr besides where we were sitting was super duper warm....

present u princess wendy=weng kin, princess jasmin=justin and princess abigail=andrew hahahhaha

and whats more funny frenz cafe din open ahhhhhhhh andrew cannot find his ji mui's... sad case hahahah

ending now im having super tired eyes.. i need more rest =( dahlah insomnia ish~~~~~

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