Monday, May 18, 2009


weeee~~~ yesterday in church we have our youth photography session... wat do we do??? everyone take photo la.... ok im trying hard to be lame... anyways shall let the pics to the talking...

let me present u winson chee's cell

joy's cell which were all gals..

and lastly justin's cell * the cekap gang* =)

oh well we are indeed one big happy family =)

after that was MCD for lunch... hmmmmm gotta stop eating MCD hahahah anyway i wont even finish my meal so ppl help me went takei and it was not fun at all... NOT FUN!!!!!!!!! jezzzzzzzz going again later with kim as both of us not satisfied at all

btw this is quoted by kylie...


so today for me is a FIEN day.... was in one room like being quarantine from H1N1 virus hahahha actually was not la MQA kinda goes ok for me, patricia and fiona... STUPID SUREN!!!!!!! where on earth are u when we need u to charm the person asking us....

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