Monday, June 29, 2009


im officially sick again.... im having flu and sorethroat =( my frens are all saying eh eh H1N1.. choi~~~~ i am not having that la... why am i always sick huh??? God pls tell me... im eager to know wat is goin on in my body....

was awaken by miss kimberly leong for the transformers movie tickets... good timing though cuz i need to be in jusco with my college frens... went and brought tickets and hey so so sorry weng kin.... u cant watch with us =( owhhhhhh *trying to make u sad* heh =)
we are goin for transformers tomorrow ppl =)

hahhahha anyway after tickets i went and meet up with my frens in kenny rodgers... i got free food my darling treat me lol... i ate sandwish only la... dah la sick wanna eat chicken meh??? and im being a cheap person now only ordering drinks lol... after that they went and watch transformers while me i hang around till im sick of jusco so i went back home... aaron is getting his hair cut and he is telling me how relaxing is it.... grrrr like i care la

2 moro my college mates is having presentation.. heh i mau pergi tengok la... hahahha i think so??? i don know when cuz i wanna see DO RE MI and DING DONG in action... if u do not know who are they here is the pic of them...

do re mi and ding dong

the pics tat was taken during kah men's birthday... eh eh i drove chee leong, joey, fiona and pat out for tat cake... lol =) so random la me now.. oki do ki i think is rest time for me now bye bye =P

p/s: on saturday kim wear till so peh so no one will rob her hahahha.... come on la she ada rm 1000 le kat pocket dia... man we should have juz rob her la weng kin lol.... and i look errr weird in my uniform.... =(

Sunday, June 28, 2009


was out shopping on saturday with weng kin and kimberly... hahaha it was fun and yet great cuz i get to buy stuffs =) 1st of all me and kim went into nose where she brought her necklace and i brought my shades... have been eyeing on it for so long =) den it was off to handphone... KIMBERLY LEONG brought a new handphone... she was walking around with rm1000 hahaha someone pls rob her =P

after tat was brunch kat food and tea... we ate like kings hahahhah here are some pics =)

kim playing with her new gadget.....

weng kin enjoying playing with it too...

as for me... camwhore =) hahahhah btw my fingernails are blue now i love the colour and kims is orange....

i even brought this new hoodie and also a top from esprit... wow =) im loving it to bits now... on that very nite me, aaron, weng kin and justin went yum cha at kopitiam and den it was ta kei.... wohoooooo was out till 1 am +

oh no yian fong juz said that aaron rao is my bro... apa ni~~~~~~~ everyone is my bro =) hahahhaha i don look like a typical chinese apek meh???

Friday, June 26, 2009


Yesterday although i still feel dizzy with this bad headache and all... i still drive and fetch justin and arvin for our planned farewell party for those whom are leaving... we had three different types of spaghetti, roast chicken, potato salad and meatballs... here are the pics for u guys to drool on =)

all this is made by chef kim who will be leaving to aussie soon... credits to her cuz she cooked this all by herself... she SOLO wei~~~ hahahha everyone was enjoying the meal with bellies full here are some pics..

we did cleaning up and i did wash dishes... hahaha in a slow motion after cleaning all we played indian poker.... drinking sprite can kill ppl eventhough is only half a cup... but there are a few bonus round where is full... aaron kena the most and it was super funny... more pics shall do the talking =)

that all but there more pics is in facebook =)... i lazy to upload here la... anyway i will miss them... and will never forget the moment we all had fun...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


went to college today as me and my friends are incharged of the principal's lunch where all principals in ipoh gather together and have lunch... oh well i was suppose to do serving but in the end i was loitering around... hahahha i still did cleaning up and i did remove one dish an d also fill up some glasses as they are about to finish...

i don get it why the DO RE MI likes to bully me.... grrrr they seriously annoyed me but hey is their last sem and honestly speaking they wont be here and i bet i would miss those sounds from they mouth... now wat calling me NINJA TURTLE!!!! i do not wanna get anymore nicknames.... =( while cleaning in the kitchen i was actually practicing my canto skills... hahahha although is a bit cacat but hey practice makes perfect right???

anyway we have free lunch and after that was cleaning up... i did my most favourite job in the world and that is to take pics... hahahha but not with my camera la as my card is still with aaron for yesterday's shooting... well i still have fun and after all the guests left we have cupcakes leftover for us to decorate..... wanna see mine????

all i can say im not creative enough... im only creative in drawing and other stuff but decorating cupcakes are not my specialty... *cough cough* after all this fun is back to business and hey i have to be inside student council meeting... they are t alking bout O NITE!!!! i don wanna go and i wont be here... hahahah too bad but i really tak berminat lo..... hmmm don care ady la.. i go in juz to listen grandmother stories...

after all that i fetch joey back home and this time i know how 2 go to her house and out from first garden area.... hahahha i din get lost =)... i will not spend a single cent on buying an ipoh map!!!!! =P

im having my headache back la... shoot how???? its really hurting me... how i wish all this stop and i cant wait for tomorrow as i will be going groceries shopping with kim and i think helping her out for cooking... lol =)

will u listen to me when im down

will u be there for me when im sad

will u will u??

Monday, June 22, 2009


today was a very awesome day where we celebrated joy and mei lin's b day and also the full moon of baby ethan in church =) had lots of food but i din finish and guess who is my tong sampah??? JUSTIN SAW =P lol

pics shall be doin the talking and not me....

the 2 birthday gals... joy and mei lin

the youth was caught in action of stealing cakes... ho ho ho

and did i tell u i love my frens in church???? *some pics only*

hahahah i am the paparazzi for everyone hehehhe... im so mean =P had lots of fun and everyone is asking why am i so free??? i where got la wei im still busy all the time... and i ahve this announcement to make... IM LETTING MY HAIR TO GROW LONG ~~~~ hehehhehe so so random le

on satuerday was sport carnival... im tanned and i love being dark for once... oh sun pls shine more on me so i don look like a guai mui.... i enjoy playing with coconuts during sport's carnival... hahahha


aka shit gal =P

u make me smile

u make me laugh

and this will never end =)

Friday, June 19, 2009


assignment due date is today and i finish on time b4 the due date =) no class today and it will be replace on monday... hmmmm boring day man i wanna go out badly tat there is no one for me to find... im feeling much more better from my food poisoning... ate like 6 types of medicine of course can cure la...

anyway i went shopping yesterday and i brought 2 new pairs of flats from vincci =) 2 pairs for 40 bucks HELLO is worth it... and i loves shoes...

judee+shoes+handbag+clothes+shopping=HAPPY =)

not only tat brought new webcam a few days ago and i took aaron out to hunt good webcam for my computer...

btw me, aaron and kim went and watch hannah montana the movie last week... it was a nice show and i cant stop laughing at the part where miley cyrus was emoing on stage... practically no one notice there was a person changing the bling bling white mic to a black one... we all laugh like no one business... anyway it is a nice show to watch... =) jethro wanna watch that movie so badly till he told me not to laugh... i din le cuz aaron also watch a chick flick movie... =X and not only tat aaron was the one who requested to watch this movie...

2 moro is some sport carnival thingy... malas la..... i don wanna go =(

so near yet so far..

grandma i miss your smile =(

Thursday, June 18, 2009


sorry for not blogging for a very long time... i have been super busy lately... camp was fun i learn the meaning of letting go =) sometimes is hard to let go of something and as for me it would be my grandma.... at 1st i thought camp would be a place for me to like errrr u know wat i mean if u r in my shoes.... i told my frens tat i will not talk at all in camp and will emo most of my time...

yada yada yada.... but in the end i did not but talked more den i anyone did... eventually im the group leader and i cant be like tat... oh well in conclusion... CAMP WAS FUN AND IT WAS EXCITING =)

presenting to u my group =) BOONMO GANG

dudu's group

princess abigail

although there are only 27 campers who came but hey quantity is not important but the quality is important.... more pics are in facebook *if u have one*

i juz finish my assignment and im free.... oh well im suffering from food poisoning and it sucks as i have to eat 6 different types of medicine.... not only i have this... justin also has it.... oh no!!!!! hmmmmmm anyway i think tat all... will blog soon hahahha


Monday, June 1, 2009


i am depressed but i wont let this depression make me a different person
where i will isolate myself and be an outcast
it was expected tat it will happen but there is no peace in my heart at all
GOD i really need you to give me peace
GOD i know you are always there for me when i really need u
GOD i really thank you for sending me such
wonderful friends in my mist and GOD i really feel touch
after a long suffering finaly it came to an end
this is my final goodbye to u my beloved grandma =(
i for sure will not forget the precious times that i have with you when im still a small kid
at points you do nag at me
at points i made you feel sad
at points we never talk
but i know you will forgive me for all my wrong doings
sorrowness has filled this house
as we have a love one who has departed from us
the one that we love and care the most
and looked to as our role model
we are gonna miss you so much =(
everyone will be back to say their last farewell to you
as i know you do now want us to be sad
hence we will not mourn but we bring light to others
anyway we are glad that u did not suffer till the very end