Monday, June 22, 2009


today was a very awesome day where we celebrated joy and mei lin's b day and also the full moon of baby ethan in church =) had lots of food but i din finish and guess who is my tong sampah??? JUSTIN SAW =P lol

pics shall be doin the talking and not me....

the 2 birthday gals... joy and mei lin

the youth was caught in action of stealing cakes... ho ho ho

and did i tell u i love my frens in church???? *some pics only*

hahahah i am the paparazzi for everyone hehehhe... im so mean =P had lots of fun and everyone is asking why am i so free??? i where got la wei im still busy all the time... and i ahve this announcement to make... IM LETTING MY HAIR TO GROW LONG ~~~~ hehehhehe so so random le

on satuerday was sport carnival... im tanned and i love being dark for once... oh sun pls shine more on me so i don look like a guai mui.... i enjoy playing with coconuts during sport's carnival... hahahha


aka shit gal =P

u make me smile

u make me laugh

and this will never end =)

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