Monday, June 29, 2009


im officially sick again.... im having flu and sorethroat =( my frens are all saying eh eh H1N1.. choi~~~~ i am not having that la... why am i always sick huh??? God pls tell me... im eager to know wat is goin on in my body....

was awaken by miss kimberly leong for the transformers movie tickets... good timing though cuz i need to be in jusco with my college frens... went and brought tickets and hey so so sorry weng kin.... u cant watch with us =( owhhhhhh *trying to make u sad* heh =)
we are goin for transformers tomorrow ppl =)

hahhahha anyway after tickets i went and meet up with my frens in kenny rodgers... i got free food my darling treat me lol... i ate sandwish only la... dah la sick wanna eat chicken meh??? and im being a cheap person now only ordering drinks lol... after that they went and watch transformers while me i hang around till im sick of jusco so i went back home... aaron is getting his hair cut and he is telling me how relaxing is it.... grrrr like i care la

2 moro my college mates is having presentation.. heh i mau pergi tengok la... hahahha i think so??? i don know when cuz i wanna see DO RE MI and DING DONG in action... if u do not know who are they here is the pic of them...

do re mi and ding dong

the pics tat was taken during kah men's birthday... eh eh i drove chee leong, joey, fiona and pat out for tat cake... lol =) so random la me now.. oki do ki i think is rest time for me now bye bye =P

p/s: on saturday kim wear till so peh so no one will rob her hahahha.... come on la she ada rm 1000 le kat pocket dia... man we should have juz rob her la weng kin lol.... and i look errr weird in my uniform.... =(


renet13 said...

hi Judee,
thks for dropping by. I dnt mean to lecture but sometimes our immune system gets low when we are lack of exercise. MAny preventable disease or problems like Diabetes & Hypertension can also be reduced by Healthy lifestyle...drink lots of Water, sufficient but not over sleep, and exercise at least 3X a day..30minutes per session . I assure u . you will start to like your body & feel greater! Good luck!

Ju Dee said...

hahah thx aunty irene =)