Friday, June 26, 2009


Yesterday although i still feel dizzy with this bad headache and all... i still drive and fetch justin and arvin for our planned farewell party for those whom are leaving... we had three different types of spaghetti, roast chicken, potato salad and meatballs... here are the pics for u guys to drool on =)

all this is made by chef kim who will be leaving to aussie soon... credits to her cuz she cooked this all by herself... she SOLO wei~~~ hahahha everyone was enjoying the meal with bellies full here are some pics..

we did cleaning up and i did wash dishes... hahaha in a slow motion after cleaning all we played indian poker.... drinking sprite can kill ppl eventhough is only half a cup... but there are a few bonus round where is full... aaron kena the most and it was super funny... more pics shall do the talking =)

that all but there more pics is in facebook =)... i lazy to upload here la... anyway i will miss them... and will never forget the moment we all had fun...

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