Thursday, June 18, 2009


sorry for not blogging for a very long time... i have been super busy lately... camp was fun i learn the meaning of letting go =) sometimes is hard to let go of something and as for me it would be my grandma.... at 1st i thought camp would be a place for me to like errrr u know wat i mean if u r in my shoes.... i told my frens tat i will not talk at all in camp and will emo most of my time...

yada yada yada.... but in the end i did not but talked more den i anyone did... eventually im the group leader and i cant be like tat... oh well in conclusion... CAMP WAS FUN AND IT WAS EXCITING =)

presenting to u my group =) BOONMO GANG

dudu's group

princess abigail

although there are only 27 campers who came but hey quantity is not important but the quality is important.... more pics are in facebook *if u have one*

i juz finish my assignment and im free.... oh well im suffering from food poisoning and it sucks as i have to eat 6 different types of medicine.... not only i have this... justin also has it.... oh no!!!!! hmmmmmm anyway i think tat all... will blog soon hahahha


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