Wednesday, June 24, 2009


went to college today as me and my friends are incharged of the principal's lunch where all principals in ipoh gather together and have lunch... oh well i was suppose to do serving but in the end i was loitering around... hahahha i still did cleaning up and i did remove one dish an d also fill up some glasses as they are about to finish...

i don get it why the DO RE MI likes to bully me.... grrrr they seriously annoyed me but hey is their last sem and honestly speaking they wont be here and i bet i would miss those sounds from they mouth... now wat calling me NINJA TURTLE!!!! i do not wanna get anymore nicknames.... =( while cleaning in the kitchen i was actually practicing my canto skills... hahahha although is a bit cacat but hey practice makes perfect right???

anyway we have free lunch and after that was cleaning up... i did my most favourite job in the world and that is to take pics... hahahha but not with my camera la as my card is still with aaron for yesterday's shooting... well i still have fun and after all the guests left we have cupcakes leftover for us to decorate..... wanna see mine????

all i can say im not creative enough... im only creative in drawing and other stuff but decorating cupcakes are not my specialty... *cough cough* after all this fun is back to business and hey i have to be inside student council meeting... they are t alking bout O NITE!!!! i don wanna go and i wont be here... hahahah too bad but i really tak berminat lo..... hmmm don care ady la.. i go in juz to listen grandmother stories...

after all that i fetch joey back home and this time i know how 2 go to her house and out from first garden area.... hahahha i din get lost =)... i will not spend a single cent on buying an ipoh map!!!!! =P

im having my headache back la... shoot how???? its really hurting me... how i wish all this stop and i cant wait for tomorrow as i will be going groceries shopping with kim and i think helping her out for cooking... lol =)

will u listen to me when im down

will u be there for me when im sad

will u will u??


c_cube said...



Yah! Naega... said...

Hello!!! =)

I'm not heading to Washington DC this uni is in Seattle..

Ish, I know it's so confusing =.=

Great blog you have! I've been blogging for some time though ;) See ya around!

Yah! Naega... said...

Oh, it's Keat Yee by the way =P

re-JOY-ice!!! said...

i wanna eat those cupcakes you made!!!looks good...yummy...why are you in the student council again? don't ever step into student council again if not they will force you to go o-nite for sure.