Sunday, June 28, 2009


was out shopping on saturday with weng kin and kimberly... hahaha it was fun and yet great cuz i get to buy stuffs =) 1st of all me and kim went into nose where she brought her necklace and i brought my shades... have been eyeing on it for so long =) den it was off to handphone... KIMBERLY LEONG brought a new handphone... she was walking around with rm1000 hahaha someone pls rob her =P

after tat was brunch kat food and tea... we ate like kings hahahhah here are some pics =)

kim playing with her new gadget.....

weng kin enjoying playing with it too...

as for me... camwhore =) hahahhah btw my fingernails are blue now i love the colour and kims is orange....

i even brought this new hoodie and also a top from esprit... wow =) im loving it to bits now... on that very nite me, aaron, weng kin and justin went yum cha at kopitiam and den it was ta kei.... wohoooooo was out till 1 am +

oh no yian fong juz said that aaron rao is my bro... apa ni~~~~~~~ everyone is my bro =) hahahhaha i don look like a typical chinese apek meh???

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